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Tour to the Mine, Barentsburg

It is the only one operating coal mine in the world where you can get into with a tour.
The mine in Barentsburg is the one with the shortest coal production and the northernmost one among all the Russian mines.

Since the moment when the first coal was produced on Svalbard, mines here have massively changed: machines and mechanisms for the coal mining and transportation have been introduced and mine galleries have become wider. There’s only miners’ labour which remains constant – exhaustible and requiring non-human willpower and courage.

On the mine tour you can see a war between man and nature, mechanisms of getting into the ground depth and of mine reinforcement and collapse protection. You can learn how the coal is being produced and transported onto the surface. You can talk with a miner, a person who spends a big part of his life underground.  You can hear sounds of the underground mine core and feel a breath of the wind going up to the surface from the half-kilometer depth.

Tour to the Mine


Daily at 07:40 and 09:40

Prior reservation is required

Note: for safety reason it is not allowed to use gadgets in the mine (phones, camers etc.). The guide will take pictures of you with special camera.

Groups are at a maximum of 10 persons

The tours are available in English and Russian

Tour to the Mine
Tour to the Mine


After the tour, you will get a certificate that confirms the visit to the northernmost Russian coal mine in the world.

All the certificates are indexed with a number, and tour participants’ names are listed in the particular record book. Thus, you will not only take part in the unique tour to the mine but also will become a part of history, the history of Barentsburg


For the tour, we provide specialized equipment such as an overall that protects you from the dust, warm waterproof boots, protective gloves, a hard hat with a mining lamp, and a self-rescue device (a portable breathing device). Before the tour start, you go through the safety briefing prep and then confirm it acknowledged in a specific record book. Tours are guided by well-experienced miners.  

Tour to the Mine
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