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Tour to the Mine, Barentsburg

Barentsburg boasts the distinction of being the only operating coal mine in the world that offers guided tours, providing visitors with a unique glimpse into its operations.

Furthermore, the mine holds the distinction of being the northernmost among all Russian mines and has the shortest coal production history.

Embark on a mine tour to witness the evolving battle between man and nature in the coal mining industry. Explore the intricate mechanisms used for digging deep into the ground and reinforcing the mines against collapse. Engage with miners, the stalwart souls who toil beneath the earth's surface, and experience the sights and sounds of the underground world, including the eerie echoes and the gusts of wind from depths reaching half a kilometer below.

Tour to the Mine


Daily at 07:40 and 09:40

Prior reservation is required

Groups at a maximum of 10 persons

The tours are available in English and Russian


Following the tour, you'll receive a certificate validating your visit to the northernmost Russian coal mine globally. Each certificate is uniquely indexed, and participants' names are meticulously recorded in the designated logbook.


By obtaining this certificate, you not only engage in a remarkable mining excursion but also become an integral part of Barentsburg's rich history.

Tour to the Mine
Tour to the Mine


For the tour, we offer specialized equipment including protective overalls to shield against dust, warm waterproof boots, protective gloves, a hard hat fitted with a mining lamp, and a self-rescue device for breathing assistance.


Prior to commencing the tour, participants undergo a comprehensive safety briefing and confirm their acknowledgment in a designated record book. Guiding the tours are seasoned miners with extensive experience in the field.

Note: for safety reason it is not allowed to use gadgets in the mine (phones, camers etc.). The guide will take pictures of you with a special camera.

Please be respectful to the mine and its workers.

Tour to the Mine
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