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Travel dates in 2020:

Every Monday from 08/06 to 07/09

On the trip you will visit 3 towns where each is different and has its own story.

Longyearbyen is the capital of the archipelago with an airport situated near the town it is the first point you reach on Svalbard.

Then it goes to Barentsburg – Little Russia on Svalbard, a town of the Arctic stories where you will warm up with a heat of hospitality and get to know old traditions of Russian hunters from the North.

And finally, Arctic time-machine back to USSR, an open-air museum and a town «frozen» in time – Pyramiden. 

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Travel dates in 2020:

19/08 - 29/09/2020

Have you ever dreamt of a real Arctic expedition?

Do you want to follow the traces of polar explorers?

Let your dreams come true with an 11-day kayaking adventure on Svalbard!​

In the Arctic, you want to be closer to nature, get acquainted with it, and feel the sea and air around but not disturb it at the same time.

Sea kayaking is perfect for it! You can touch the sea and get a sense of its «heart beating» catching each wave and
merging with the Arctic flora and fauna.

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Svalbard stories,

4 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Monday from 08/06 to 06/09

Join us on the Arctic journey of variety! On Svalbard, a place which is slightly lower than the North Pole, you will have plenty of things to do! 

Adventure, which starts with travelling by open boats between Norway and Russia, Norwegian settlement Longyearbyen and Russian town Barentsburg; visiting husky kennel with almost all the Arctic sled dog breeds with a chance to do dog sledding on wheels and then kayaking across the fjords. You get close to nature: reindeers, polar foxes, seals and whales to see if you’re lucky. 

Svalbard is different and closer than you think!

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Travel dates in 2020:

29/08 - 05/09/2020

For those who dream to discover the unknown and explore pristine and hidden places of the most mysterious area of Svalbard without abandoning comfort. 

The area is remarkable for its tallest and pointed Isfjord mountains, a large number of fossils, picturesque waterfalls, varied terrain and panoramic views inaccessible in standard tours. 
During a day changes in altitude can be significant. It is a classic glacier landform with wide valleys, moraines, scree slopes, and shallow broad rivers. For example, the Tarantellen area will be particularly pleasant for trail running fans.

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Travel dates in 2020:

Every Friday from 12/06 to 11/09

Let’s travel through time and get back to the USSR with a full journey to Pyramiden! 
Just you and a whole masterpiece of nature. 
You will have a boat trip to the huge and magnificent Nordenskiold glacier, while a walking tour in the surroundings of the town, it will catch your imagination with “galactic” landscapes and “another planet” reliefs, you will visit one of the most peaceful and picturesque bays of Svalbard. 
You will step into the history!
Pyramiden is a town “frozen” in time where in the 1970s-1980s a perfect socialism model system was built. In 1998 Pyramiden was frozen (preserved) but its infrastructure arranged in the Soviet period has come down to us. 
Pyramiden is a real open-air museum with the northernmost film-stock cinema in the world.  

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Back to USSR

Pyramiden, 2 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Friday from 12/06 to 11/09

To all the explorers and dreamers! Change your usual scenery, refresh your imagination. 

Just within 2 days, you will visit a place of northernmost - Pyramiden. 
With the panorama filled with massive Nordenskiold glacier, moraine, mountain tops, the whole Arctic dream is mirrored in Pyramiden. 
It was one of the most populated settlements on Svalbard in the late XX century, and now you can easily get a feeling of the Soviet-style as the atmosphere and exteriors of the settlement have been accurately preserved. 
2 days and you will have an amazing boat trip across the fjords with the great scenic beauty around and stay in the most unique place on the archipelago, which is a real historical «document» and an incredible piece of nature. 

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Little Russia on Svalbard

Barentsburg, 3 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Friday from 12/06 to 11/09

Welcome to Russia! Yes, that is a surprise. 
Could you ever expect? When you are on Svalbard, Russia is just next door! And you don’t even need to get a visa. 
An extraordinary journey to Barentsburg, the second-biggest settlement on the archipelago, that is a true enthusiast’s paradise. 
You will follow the steps of the Russian hunters from the North whose golden age on Svalbard was in the XVIII century. You will not only see but even touch good and old traditions on the unique handi workshops inspired by 800-year-old customs. You will taste Northern cuisine specialties in the interiors in the style of legendary icebreakers. You will have a chance to visit the northernmost operating Russian coal mine in the world. You will get to a former radio and weather station built with an open view of the Greenland sea. 
You will feel the hospitality of the warm Russian hearts! 

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Little Russia on Svalbard

Barentsburg, 2 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Friday from 12/06 to 11/09

Wanna see the incredible? Spend a weekend in Barentsburg!

One of the most fascinating places in the world. The scene of the town is based on tradition and invention. This is a place where you will see how the stories have been created then and now. Images of Amundsen and Peary’s pole exploration on dog sleds will take on life right in front of your eyes in our husky kennel. Here, right next to the North Pole you can taste delightful food and a locally made beer on the glacier lake water and English malt brewed here in Barentsburg. 

This is the only place in the world where you can get into the operating coal mine with a guided tour. This is the place where the miracle can be real.

Even though cats are not allowed on Svalbard, there is one with red fur living in Barentsburg under a code name of «polar fox». 

The incredible is closer than you think! Come and get it.

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