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Travel dates in 2020:

Every Monday from 08/06 to 07/09

Have you ever had a chance to go for a real and fully fledged Arctic adventure? Come and get it!


On the trip you will visit 3 towns where each is different and has its own story.

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Travel dates in 2020:

Every Monday from 08/06 to 06/09

Join us on the Arctic journey of variety! On Svalbard, a place which is slightly lower than the North Pole, you will have plenty of things to do! 

Svalbard is different and closer than you think! 

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Travel dates in 2020:

Every Friday from13/06 to 11/09

Adventurers! Open undiscovered world beyond reality and hours!​

Let’s travel through time and get back to the USSR with a full journey to Pyramiden! 
Just you and a whole masterpiece of nature. 


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Little Russia on Svalbard

Barentsburg, 3 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Friday from 12/06 to 11/09

Welcome to Russia! Yes, that is a surprise. 
Could you ever expect? When you are on Svalbard, Russia is just next door! And you don’t even need to get a visa.

Barentsburg – Little Russia on Svalbard, a town of the Arctic stories where you will warm up with a heat of hospitality and get to know old traditions of Russian hunters from the North.

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Back to USSR

Pyramiden, 2 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Saturday from 13/06 to 12/09

To those who wish to discover the most extraordinary places in the world, you’ve never experienced anything alike.  

Just within 2 days, you will visit a place of northernmost - Pyramiden. 

With the panorama filled with massive Nordenskiold glacier, moraine, mountain tops, the whole Arctic dream is mirrored in Pyramiden.

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Little Russia on Svalbard

Barentsburg, 2 days

Travel dates in 2020:

Every Saturday from 13/06 to 12/09

Spend a weekend in Barentsburg! 
This is the only place in the world where you can get into the operating coal mine with a guided tour.
This is the place where the miracle can be real. Even though cats are not allowed on Svalbard, there is one with red fur living in Barentsburg under a code name of «polar fox». 
The incredible is closer than you think! Come and get it.

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