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    Hunt for Arctic Adventure

    7 days

    The most complete boat safari to Svalbard for those who want to live through a real Arctic Adventure and have time to fully enjoy it. In this tour you will be able to visit the most interesting places of the archipelago not accessible during the shorter trips in addition to the settlements of Barentsburg, Longyearbyen and Pyramiden. 

  • Kayaking across Svalbard

    9 days

    In the Arctic, you want to be closer to nature, get acquainted with it, and feel the sea and air around but not disturb it at the same time.

    Sea kayaking is perfect for it! You can touch the sea and get a sense of its «heart beating» catching each wave and merging with the Arctic flora and fauna.

  • Pyramiden Hiking Experience 

    7 days

    For those who dream to discover the unknown and pristine and hidden places of the most mysterious area of Svalbard in comfort.

    The area is remarkable for its tallest and pointed Isfjord mountains, a large number of fossils, picturesque waterfalls, varied terrain and panoramic views inaccessible in standard tours.