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The former consulate general of the USSR, this beautiful and outstanding building is hard not to notice. Today it is our Art Arctic Gallery that presents the major exhibit dedicated to the different eras of Svalbard.

In the magnificent interiors of the Gallery, you will have an opportunity to see the history of the Svalbard and Arctic exploration in detail as long as the exhibition is very rich and unique. On the excursion, you will crack the riddle of 3 archipelago names Spitsbergen – Grumant – Svalbard, get familiar with the story of Russian trappers settling on Svalbard hundreds of years ago and even look into the very beginnings in times of when the archipelago was open during the greatest expedition of Willem Barents.

ArtArctic Gallery Building

Entrance ticket


75 nok

Museum tour with a guide

groups 10-20 people

free of charge

Entrance ticket

from 10 to 14 years old

25 nok

Individual tour

groups up to 10 people

200 nok

Entrance ticket

under 10 years old

free of charge

Photo and video


free of charge


There is a unique exposition of the Russian trappers' artifacts of XVII – XVIII centuries found during archaeological excavations held on Svalbard. The collection includes wooden icons, carved orthodox crosses, knives, woodchoppers, chess, dices, clothes, and fishing tackle. There are no collections of the sort anywhere.
You will also see authentic artifacts from Willem Barents’ expedition of 1596 including even a part of the wooden ship. The items were found during the Russian-Netherlandish expedition of 1993-1995 on the archipelago Novaya Zemlya (rus. The New Land), where after had discovered Svalbard Barents and the crew spent over-wintering.


On the first floor, there are two halls with a temporary exhibition display themed on the Arctic. You will get familiar with the traditional and folk art displaying life and way of thinking of people from the North.

There are watercolors paintings of our friend and incredible artist Anna Mikhailova. When she visited Svalbard, she got very inspired by the atmosphere and fairytale landscapes of the place so she created the art, the art of Svalbard. Nowadays, it is possible to see her work in our Gallery and even buy one in the souvenir shop.


There is a hall for presentations, lectures, or conferences. You can easily arrange an event in the interiors with authentic posters of the Soviet Union epoch. In 2018, there was a wedding held in the Gallery so guests arrived in Barentsburg specifically for this purpose. 

Capacity is up to 30 persons. 

For booking, please contact us in advance. 

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