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The former consulate of the USSR, a striking and remarkable building that commands attention, now houses our Art Arctic Gallery. Here, visitors can explore a major exhibit showcasing the diverse eras of Svalbard's history.

In the magnificent interiors of the Gallery, visitors have the opportunity to delve into the detailed history of Svalbard and Arctic exploration, as the exhibition is exceptionally rich and unique. During the excursion, participants will unravel the mystery of three archipelago names: Spitsbergen, Grumant, and Svalbard. They will become acquainted with the story of Russian trappers who settled on Svalbard centuries ago and explore its beginnings during the greatest expedition of Willem Barents.

ArtArctic Gallery Building

Entrance ticket


75 nok

Museum tour with a guide

groups 10-20 people

free of charge

Entrance ticket

from 10 to 14 years old

25 nok

Individual tour

groups up to 10 people

200 nok

Entrance ticket

under 10 years old

free of charge

Photo and video


free of charge


The gallery features a unique exposition of artifacts dating back to the XVII and XVIII centuries, discovered during archaeological excavations on Svalbard. This collection includes wooden icons, carved Orthodox crosses, knives, woodchoppers, chess sets, dice, clothing, and fishing tackle, making it unparalleled anywhere else.


Additionally, visitors will encounter authentic artifacts from Willem Barents' 1596 expedition, including a portion of the wooden ship. These items were unearthed during the Russian-Netherlandish expedition of 1993-1995 on the neighboring archipelago of Novaya Zemlya, where Barents and his crew overwintered after discovering Svalbard.


The first floor houses two halls featuring temporary exhibitions themed on the Arctic. Visitors will become acquainted with traditional and folk art that reflects the life and mindset of people from the North.

The Gallery also showcases watercolor paintings by the talented artist Anna Mikhailova, whose work captures the inspiring atmosphere and fairytale landscapes of Svalbard. Visitors have the opportunity to admire her art in the Gallery and even purchase pieces at the souvenir shop.


The Gallery also features a versatile hall suitable for presentations, lectures, or conferences, adorned with authentic posters from the Soviet Union era. In fact, in 2018, the Gallery hosted a wedding, with guests traveling to Barentsburg specifically for the occasion.


The hall can accommodate up to 30 persons, and advance booking is recommended for events.

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