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This would probably be the cutest and fluffiest location in Barentsburg. And you have an opportunity to visit one of the most unique husky kennels or centers all over the world. When we started the project, we soon realized that there is plenty of various North sled dog breeds and at different times they all were actively involved in the exploration of the Arctic and dog sledding sport. Thus we had an idea to create a project of the kennel where there would be all the Arctic sled dog breeds. This would give us a chance to compare in detail each breed outwardly, by their temper and working qualities. Nowadays, there is no kennel of the sort as usually, these are only dog centers with 1 or 2 breed. Our task is ambitious but so far, we've been doing pretty well.

Today there are 50 dog booths with 7 Arctic sled dog breeds on the Grønfjorden shore with the magnificent Esmark glacier on the background. You can meet:
Barentsburg Husky Center


You will see sled dogs' rigid faces that right after the first sniffing turn to cheerful ones with bright little stars in their tender eyes. The kennel is a place where images of the pole exploring by Amundsen and Peary take on life right in front of your eyes. Both poles were explored by people with the help of sled dogs. Looking at these animals you can feel a sort of primaeval strength, goal-oriented power and natural authenticity.

Tour to the kennel includes a story about the sled dogs and getting acquainted with each breed. Cuddles and pics with doggies are included. 

150 nok/pax


If you don’t want to walk alone, you can take one of our dogs for the dog trekking! You are provided with the special equipment (dog trekking belt and lead). As long as the dogs are taught to pull being in the sled, while the dog trekking they give you the inertness and you «walk» at a rapid pace. The main thing is to «resist» the dog to let him/her train on pulling.

from 490 nok/pax

Barentsburg Husky Center Dog Trekking
Barentsburg Husky Center Dog Sledding On Wheels


Svalbard is perfect for sled dogs by its climate. On the mainland, there are no options for the dogs to train at a temperature of higher than +12°C. So it is a generally pretty long period of inter-season and there are only opportunities to train in the evening if it isn’t too hot. On Svalbard in summer average temperature is +5 - +8 °C  and that is why we have a chance to train the dogs the year-round. In summer there is no snow on the Island so instead of winter sleds, we arrange dog sledding on wheels with special troll carts.

690 nok/pax


Have you ever felt the Arctic in real? The Arctic which is alive, wild and that hides the history and gets you heady with freedom. The dog sledding trip on Svalbard is the only chance when you can find the soul of the North as it is all true from the very beginning. You will learn the history of how the Arctic has been explored and even team the dogs by yourself. Our mushers will acquaint you with the safety rules and tips on how to control the sled. You can go as a musher during the whole trip or take a cosy place in the sled and change with a musher on the way. There are several routes you can choose, from 8 km to 38 km and relief is various: sometimes it's hilly with ascents and long descents when you can catch a feeling of being in the real-time polar expedition or plain and soft so you can stay alone with yourself and admire the snowy mountain tops.

from 690 nok/pax

Barentsburg Husky Center Dog Sledding
Arctic Mushers School Barentsburg Husky Center


Perhaps this 9-day trip is the only of its kind and it's surely 100% Arctic adventure. 

​The main goal of the trip is not only to see the Arctic but also to gain absolutely new experience and try on the role of those who discovered the Arctic a hundred years ago.

​You will not be alone while discovering the area! There will be well-trusted helpers as sled dogs of various breeds from totally different Arctic regions of the world. Harmonic, isn’t it? The snow, north sled dogs and yourself…

​The program is designed thoroughly: a training plan, exercises, equipment, security, service and logistics. And this is an experience you will never forget!


Duration: 5 days

Coming soon...

Each dog has a specific training course. There are «raid» dogs who will participate in expedition programs. They should be able to traverse from 30 to 70 km per 24-hour period at a steady speed in order not to let the mushers get cold.
There are «canyon» dogs who train in our «homey» canyon round of 12 km. They should know the path and be ready to run 2-3 round sets in a row with guests of different training levels.
Training courses are of 3 sorts – muscle building, improvement of speed performance, and endurance, the same as people do. Besides, relief on Svalbard is technically rather robust. There are many long ascents and descents, quick turns, areas with open ice, and stones. That is why routes on the archipelago are not for «fast» dogs. The main goal of the mushers during training is teaching the dogs to keep the rhythm stable and not to get faster during descents.
History of Barentsburg Husky Center


When we started working on tourist locations in Barentsburg, we soon realized that we did need a sled dog kennel. It would be impossible to tell the whole story of Arctic exploration without the oldest and most useful way to go through the snow. Worldwide known explorers, Robert Peary and Frederick Cook, were moving to reach the North Pole precisely by the dog sleds. Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole for the first time on dog sleds, as well. In 1969 after over-wintering on the North Pole, the first Trans-Arctic expedition got to Svalbard with sled dogs. It was led by Sir Walter William Herbert. And later, the northernmost mountain of Svalbard Herbertfjellet was named after him.

In April 2016, we brought on Svalbard the first two dogs from a Moscow shelter to start our project. They’ve become the beginning point of our kennel and precisely thanks to them, nowadays, we have the cutest and fluffiest tourist location in Barentsburg. Later seven more puppies arrived in Barentsburg, and since then, we cannot stop and keep growing in any aspect. In 2019, husky kennel hosted guests as an official and full tourist point for the very first time.

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