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Welcome to the unique world of sled dogs and unforgettable adventures in the Arctic!

At our Husky farm, we offer dogsledding experiences in both summer and winter, along with dog-trekking and the Arctic Musher School! Our 50 dogs represent 7 northern breeds, ensuring an authentic Arctic adventure year-round.


Are you ready to embark on an Arctic adventure? Are you physically fit and up for a challenge? Join us at NordDogs 78'N Kennel for an unforgettable 4-day journey through the Svalbard archipelago! - Learn the theory and practice of dogsledding with our sled dogs from various Arctic regions. - Experience the thrill of traversing the snowy landscapes of Svalbard, encountering challenging terrain and stunning vistas. - Spend the nights like a true polar explorer, cozying up by the fireplace in rustic Arctic huts surrounded by wilderness. Don't miss this unique opportunity to gain new skills and create lifelong memories. Contact us at for more information, answers to your questions, and to reserve your spot on the adventure!

from 13 000 nok/pax


Experience an interactive excursion at the northernmost multi-breed sled dog kennel! Join us for a tour of our kennel grounds, where you'll meet our team of mushers and discover the rich history of our establishment. Learn fascinating facts about the unique characteristics of northern dog breeds and gain insights into Arctic living. Enjoy unlimited time interacting with each dog, listening to captivating stories, and capturing unlimited photos – it's the ultimate canister therapy experience!

150 nok/pax
winter sled.png

Winter sledding (from January till June)

Embark on an authentic Arctic adventure, embracing absolute freedom and leaving daily worries behind! Explore the stunning surroundings of Barentsburg on a dog sled, soaking in breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, gorges, and rocky shores. Experience the thrill of safe dog sled riding guided by experienced mushers.

690 nok/pax
summer sled.png

Summer sledding (from June till October)

Embark on an authentic Arctic journey, embracing freedom and leaving daily worries behind! Explore the beautiful surroundings of Barentsburg, taking in stunning sea views, majestic mountains, and rugged rocky shores. Enjoy the thrill of safe dog cart (trollers) riding guided by experienced mushers.

690 nok/pax


Experience the beauty of the Arctic landscape alongside our canine companions. Enjoy the freedom and adventure of hiking through snow-covered trails in winter or blooming mountains in summer, accompanied by our friendly and loyal dogs.

490 nok/pax
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