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    Next to the North Pole, 7 Days

    Every Monday 

    from 22/02 to 9/05

    The most full-fledged snowmobile tour to Svalbard for those who want to live through a real Arctic Adventure and have time to fully enjoy it. In this tour you will be able to visit the most interesting places of the archipelago not accessible during the shorter trips in addition to the settlements of Barentsburg, Longyearbyen and Pyramiden. Thanks to the tour duration of 7 days, there are more chances to see the Arctic King - a polar bear. On a safe distance, of course.

    from 19 900 NOK

  • Svalbard stories, 5 days

    Every Wednesday

    from 24/02 to 09/05

    Tour for those who want not only to visit the settlements of the archipelago but also flip through the book of Arctic, get to the roots of Svalbard discovery and combine it with snowmobiling across the island at perfect pace in just 5 days.

    from 9 990 NOK

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    Glimpse of Svalbard, 4 days

    Every Monday and Thursday

    from 22/02 to 09/05

    All the highlights of Svalbard in an intense 4 days trip all around Isfjorden. It is a perfect trip for those who have no time to waste. In 4 days you will fly with Arctic express and will visit 3 settlements: Barentsburg, Pyramiden and Longyearbyen. Weather-dependable snowmobile trip.

    from 8 900 NOK





Arctic Time Machine (3 days)

Every Friday 

from 26/02 to 09/05

Total immersion into the most extraordinary region of Svalbard —Pyramiden and around. You will go by snowmobile through the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier and be able to not only see the open-air museum of the Soviet times but also visit one of the most peaceful and picturesque bays of Svalbard.

from 7 500 NOK



Arctic Time Machine (2 days)

Every Friday and Saturday 

from 26/02 to 09/05

Complete your Arctic adventure with the place of northernmost — Pyramiden. Just within 2 days, you will time travel through the glaciers to dive into the atmosphere of the Soviet era.

from 4 490 NOK



Boundless Arctic (3 days)

Every Friday

from 12/02 to 16/05

Push the boundaries and dive into the full weekend of Arctic discovery! You will visit Barentsburg — a town on Svalbard where there are no bounds between nationalities, the past and the present, tradition and innovation. You’ll widen the world of the island with a day snowmobile trip following the way of pioneers and real explorers of Svalbard - to trappers’ settling place of the XVII century and weather and radio station with a view on the open Greenland sea.

from 6 900 NOK


Boundless Arctic (2 days)

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4/02 to 16/05

You can extend your experience of Svalbard with a short trip to a place without bounds — Barentsburg, settlement with the only operating coal mine in the world where the tours are allowed and one of the most unique Husky Centers worldwide with almost all the Northern sled dog breeds. It’s the warmest place in the Arctic where you melt with the hospitality and live through traditions of the locals.

from 4 290 NOK


Arctic Mushers School

Perhaps this trip is one of the most amazing, if not the only one of this kind and it's surely 100% Arctic adventure. ​

The main goal of the trip is not only to see the Arctic but also to gain absolutely new experience and try on the role of those who discovered the Arctic a hundred years ago.

from 29 900 NOK