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Red Bear ("Krasniy Medved") is the first brewery on Svalbard that was open in 2012. There are only two breweries on the archipelago and the second one was open in Longyearbyen in 2015.  Since 1928 there have been “a dry law” on Svalbard meaning that you could buy an only limited volume of hard alcohol. Until 2014 it had been forbidden to produce alcohol drinks including beer stronger than 2.5 degrees so the first beer in Red Bear was brewed in less than 2.5 degrees. 

Brewery of Red Bear


The brewery has a complete production cycle: beginning with malt grinding and up to refinery procedure and maturation without the use of semi-products, artificial additives, conservant and pasteurizers.

Belgian equipment of the company CoEnCo, English malt, high fermentation yeast, and water from the glacial lake Stemme – these are all ingredients of the beer Red Bear.

  • Pale Ale

  • India Pale Ale

  • Stout

  • Imperial Stout

  • Summer Brew


An essential attribute of any beer gathering is always a high-quality snack. We offer our Arctic version

  • Pemmikan beef

  • Potato chips

  • Spicy crackers

  • Sally peanuts

  • Stockfish

  • Sauce

Output in a full portion - 300 g.
It is possible to order only half.

Beer Snacks Red Bear Bar
Red Bear Bar Burgers


Burger ... delicious juicy... burger

Everyone loves it, although they don't always admit it.

We are convinced that we make the juiciest burgers on Svalbard. This is the most popular Red Bear dish, which is constantly being improved by chefs.

  • BarentsBurger (beef)

  • BarentsFishburger (cod)

  • Venison Burger

Served with fried potatoes and sauce


In the EU and the US, there is a real excitement around reindeer meat. Adherents of healthy lifestyle say that meat in the North is the most environmentally friendly, and gourmets add that it is incredibly delicious. Venison is healthy and delicious, it does not go to any comparison with the meat of agricultural animals.
The Svalbard hunting season is short, and the number of licenses is strictly limited. But if you come to Svalbard, you should definitely try one of the dishes prepared from the local reindeer.

Venison dishes Red Bear Bar
78° LATITUDE Shot, Red Bear Bar


According to the old Soviet Arctic tradition, polar explorers and sailors of the Northern fleet and civil vessels operating in the Arctic used alcohol to entertain the spirit. Pure alcohol 96 degrees. Drinking it in its pure form is a hell of a story. Therefore, the alcohol was diluted with water. Usually down to a degree of vodka - down to 40°.
The Arctic has its own traditions. Here the alcohol used to be diluted to a degree of latitude. In the Arctic circle, they drank alcohol diluted to 66-67° revolutions, in Murmansk - to 69°... Barentsburg is located at 78° North. Tradition must be honored!

Only for strong men and Arctic ladies! Drink in one gulp! Have a snack with the drink! The bartender is not responsible for the consequences!


Try our local homemade infused vodka drink, flavors of which are constantly renewed. Recipes are based on centuries-long Russian traditions. 

  • Khrenovukha (horseradish tincture)

  • Cowberry

  • Ginger

  • Rukovodstvo (dried fruits tincture)

  • Black Currant

In addition, we make experiment spirits such as limoncello, smoked bacon Bloody Mary, etc. 

Signature Spirits of Red Bear Bar

For an organized tourist group, we offer a set menu. If you plan to visit Barentsburg in a group with over 10 persons, we recommend arranging your meals in advance. This way, you will save time and will not wait for your meal to be ready. Our set menu is non-permanent and season-related.

When order the set menu, please kindly provide guests' allergies and food limitations. 

Our chefs will definitely modify the sets accordingly. 

Set Lunch of Red Bear Bar

There is no need to think of what to eat for lunch. Our chef will offer you a great set!

The set lunch includes: 
- starter

- soup

- main course

- water
- tea or coffee 

Set Dinner in Red Bear Bar

There are 2 options for the set dinner. 

Standard dinner includes: 

- starter

- main course

- dessert

- water

- tea or coffee

Set Super Dinner Red Bear Bar

If you had a long drive by snowmobile or did hiking across the Arctic landscapes of Svalbard, a rich dinner is that what you need. 

The super dinner includes: 
- starter

- soup

- main course

- dessert

- water
- tea or coffee