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Information on COVID-19


Dear Travellers!


Based on the Svalbard tourism guidance, during the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, Arctic Travel Company «Grumant» of the Trust «Arcticugol» developed individual measures of preventative actions and infection control for its organization.

Measures of infection control are maintained within all hotels, hostels and guesthouses, restaurants, activities, public places and tourism services of the Arctic Travel Company «Grumant» in Barentsburg, Pyramiden and Longyearbyen. As long as the safety of our guests is of the highest priority for us, the following regulations have been implemented:

  • all the equipment is provided individually and it is properly cleaned and sanitised before, during and after a tour, activity or any other service provided;

  • travelles are to keep social distance of 1,5 meters;

  • all vehicles, venues, rooms and surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitised promptly;

  • the common kitchen in the hostel Pomor is not available;

  • canteen, product and household shops are available only for permanent residents of Svalbard. 


If you travel with our complex tours:

  • guides are instructed and trained of infection control and preventative measures of infection spread;

  • guides do a safety briefing for guests before the tour or activity;

  • group size is limited to 10 guests per tour;


We also ask our guests to respect and follow regulations to avoid any risks of getting infected.

  • to bring their own dishes for field lunches;

  • to maintain proper and accurate hand hygiene;

  • to keep a distance from others - 1 meter advised;

  • if a guest feels sick, we earnestly ask you not to travel;

  • if a guest has visible symptoms of fever or respiratory infection, we may deny joining our tours.


We do appreciate your understanding and will be very happy to see you on Svalbard!


In case you have any questions or requests regarding our regulations and infection control, please do not hesitate to contact us:

tel.: +47 94 15 41 56

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