Established in 2013, Arctic Travel Centre as a branch of the Russian company Trust Arcticugol can actually be traced back to 1931. The company Arcticugol - literally "Arctic Coal" -  was founded on 7 October 1931 to take over all Soviet mining interests on Svalbard. Mining had been its main and the only industrial activity until 2011 when it was decided to diversify and focuse more upon sustainable development. Tourism  industry has become thus a new priority. Since 1931 Trust Arcticugol has been the owner of the infrustrusture in three Russian settlements - Barentsburg, Pyramiden and Grumant.


ATC is a Svalbard-based tour operator specialized in adventure & discovery tours.


Traveling with us allows you to enjoy amazing Svalbard without having to undertake a scientific expedition or become an explorer with an icy beard. A curious mind and a quest for nature and wildlife is all you need!!!


Complete local tour operator, ATC owns 7 accommodation units (a guesthouse and a hostel in Longyearbyen; a hotel, guesthouse and a hostel in Barentsburg; a hotel and hostel in Pyramiden) as well as restaurants and a brewery. We have 2 day cruisers for 10-12 pax, 3 rubber boats Zodiac type, 17 snowmobiles, 2 buses, activity equipment and camping gear, etc.


Our experienced and enthusiastic guides are the key to the success of any trip. Our nature & activity guides are renowned for their solid field experience in the Arctic and passion for Svalbard.


Throughout the year we offer a broad range of adventure & nature experiences in Svalbard, from short day trips out of Longyearbyen to 2 weeks’ tours and expeditions in the wild (nature & wildlife watching tours by boat, hiking, kayaking, summer and winter multi-activity tours, snowmobile safaris, ski tours, sightseeing, etc.).


Our itinerary portfolio includes options for travelers of different ages, physical abilities, and interests. Some of our itineraries are designed specially for experienced adventure-lovers, while others are suitable for families or can be considered as nature & activity add-ons to city culture tours. In financial terms, our offers range from popular budget tours to exclusive expeditions at the higher end.

Our clients always travel in small groups, which is a must to ensure the quality experience and close encounters with the wildlife. With us, your travelers are in the company of like-minded people who enjoy exploration and have a genuine interest to the nature beautiful scenery and wildlife. Our adventure trips present excellent opportunities to do photography and wildlife watching.


We organize English-guided join-in tours as well as tailor-made trips for international tour operators.


We are for sustainable nature-orientated tourism: we travel carefully through pristine wilderness areas and ecologically sensitive places, always striving to have minimal impact on the environment and the animals. All our itineraries are approved by the Governor of Svalbard.


We are a proud member of Tourist Council of Svalbard, the organization actively promoting safe and sustainable tourism on Svalbard.


Recently established, we’ve had already the pleasure of welcoming approx. 20 thousands of travelers from over 15 countries. We hope to welcome soon your travelers in Svalbard and introduce them to the beautiful and fascinating land we call HOME:)