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Krasin The Icebreaker Bar


35 pax

interiors of icebreaker

aquavit bar

soviet arctic cocktails

08:00 - 23:00
MON - day off

all year

Icebreaker Bar Krasin is our tribute not only to the icebreakers, but to all the vessels and sailors that worked in the Arctic and particularly on Svalbard. And with no doubt it is our desire to share those stories and introduce the traditions.

The idea of the interior came from the Icebreaker Saloons. It's some sort of collective image of the era of 50-60s. We were inspired by them with no intent to copy. Anyway the foundation of the design were the real interiors of Icebreakers Krasin and Lenin. And it was not that easy to make the right decision about the color and materials. For example the veneer that we used hasn't been produced for ages. So we decided to make our own, right here in Barentsburg with the help of carpenters. As well as we made practically all the wooden parts of interior.

On the walls you can see the photos of the Icebreakers taken at different times but here on Svalbard. Among the interior decorations there are exhibits taken from the icebreaker tugs that used to work in Barentsburg. The exposition of the bar, and it is an exposition indeed, is regularly increased by items connected to the Icebreaker Fleet.

Icebreaker Bar Krasin History


Aquavit (Nor. Akevitt; Swed. Akvavit. Dan. Akvavit) - is a traditional scandinavian drink of 37,5 to 50% of alcohol. It can be translated from latin as "water of life" It is made on the basis of alcohol obtained by distillation from potatoes or, less often, grain without adding sugar, infused with spices that may include cumin, dill, coriander, cinnamon, fennel, anise, St. John's wort and others, and aged in oak barrels or in barrels of sherry or cognac from 3 months to 12 years.

Aquavit usually has a shade from golden-straw to dark brown, some varieties are colorless. A darker color may indicate either that exposure of the product was longer, or that "young" barrels were used during production.

AquaBar is a bar card that contains a sufficient number of types of Scandinavian traditional drink "aquavit".
At the start, our bar offers a collection of 25 types of aquavit!

Aquavit Bar, Icebreaker Bar Krasin


Norwegians make vodka from alcohol on potatoes and malt grain. Norwegian alcohol is amber in color, the taste is deep and spicy, slightly tinged with cumin.
The drink is quite strong — from 38 to 50%.

Denmark is the main supplier of aquavit to the world market. Transportation by sea in oak barrels gives the drink a special taste. Sea waves contribute to the rapid extraction of substances from the wood of the barrel and herbs that give vodka a unique color, taste and aroma. Danes prefer clean, odorless "aquavit".


Swedish aquavit is not much different from the Danish version, but the Swedes use some of their own herbs and spices for infusing


No wonder the classics say that everything new is well overlooked old.
The bar menu boasts restored recipes of old Soviet cocktails. Each one of them has its own unique story…


This is a classic in Murmansk of the 80's. Cognac and champagne.
When there is a thirst to do "fast and fun" - there is no better option! The bear was designated according to the cocktail's color Where there is more champagne - polar bear, where there is cognac - brown. Well, the classic is in the middle


The student's story. There wasn't enough money for cognac.... And pure alcohol was always and everywhere. Therefore, in student dorms, it was diluted to the state of vodka and mixed with champagne for girls. But, of course, those on vodka with champagne are on fire, and the effect is unpredictable.


This funny story also has its roots in the Soviet Arctic!
By tradition, alcohol was diluted in expeditions according "to the parallel". That is, in the area of Kandalaksha and Kresta Bay - 66°,  in Murmansk - 69°.
Barentsburg is located at latitude 78° accordingly...

 Icebreaker Bar Krasin Soviet Cocktails
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