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4-day Weekend in a Ghost Town by open boat

For the intrepid explorers and dreamers seeking new horizons, this is your call to adventure! Embark on a journey unlike any other as you delve into the extraordinary world of Pyramiden. Nestled amidst the towering Nordenskiold glacier, picturesque moraines, and majestic mountain peaks, Pyramiden offers a glimpse into a bygone era of Soviet-style living, perfectly preserved for your exploration. Over the course of just 4 days, experience the Arctic in all its glory with a breathtaking boat trip through the fjords and an unforgettable stay in this unparalleled gem of history and nature.

Starts every Monday


Boat Trip


Nordenskiöld glacier



Available for children from 12 y/o


Comfortable hotel accommodation


08.08-11.08; 15.08-18.08


16 100 nok / adult or child 14+ y/o

12 880 nok / child 12-14 y/o

*Additional payment for SGNL accommodation: 600 nok


- Transfer from/to your place of accommodation in Longyearbyen 
- 3 nights in the hotel Pyramiden
- Breakfast on day 2, 3, 4
- Lunches on the Days 1-4 (in the restaurant or in the field) 
- 3 dinner in the restaurant
- Guided tours around the settlements 
- Walking/Hiking trips according to the itinerary
- Boat trips according to the itinerary 

- Guide Serivces

Boat rent (open Polarcirkel boat), fuel
Rent of survival suite Helly Hansen and safety equipment incl. portable radio set, satellite phone, GPS-navigator, warning beacon, etc.
Insurance covering search and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency


- Flight to/from Longyearbyen 
- Alcohol drinks and dishes/drinks beyond the tour program 

- Souvenirs

- Other additional services
- Individual travel insurance policy


- Sauna 800 nok / 2hours



  • Arrival in Longyearbyen from Oslo or Tromsø by plane.

Please note that for this night, the place of accommodation in Longyearbyen should be booked from your end at extra cost. One of the options to accommodate in Longyearbyen is our guesthouse Russkiy Dom.

Feel free to contact us to double check the availability.

Longyearbyen is the Norwegian capital of Svalbard. It is the northernmost populated area with approximately 2400 inhabitants and a variety of around 50 nationalities. Longyearbyen was founded and named after John Longyear in 1906. This is a town with a particular temper that has been loved by adventurers, explorers, fans of the North and wilderness. the capital of Svalbard. It is the northernmost populated area with approximately 2400 inhabitants, 50 nationalities. Longyearbyen was founded in 1906 by John Longyear and named after him further on. This is a town with a particular temper that has been loved by adventurers, explorers, fans of the North and wilderness.


  • Pick up from your place of accommodation in Longyearbyen to our expedition center Russkiy Dom


In the expedition center Russkiy Dom the guide will get you familiar with the safety instructions during the sea passage and will help you to fit the equipment and get ready for departure.


  • Departure to Pyramiden. Day Sea Passage in the open boats by the route: Longyearbyen – Skansbukta – Pyramiden

You will have a chance to visit magnificent Skansbukta with the gorgeous mountain which reminds of a castle.  And then it’s the moment to go back in time with the time - travel machine of Pyramiden.

  • Lunch in the tundra

  • Arrival in Pyramiden

  • As youn. Check-in in the hotel Pyramiden

  • Guided tour around Pyramiden

Explore Pyramiden on a guided tour, delving into its rich history as you visit well-preserved landmarks like the Canteen, School, Kindergarten, Swimming Pool, and restored Cultural House. Feel the atmosphere of enthusiasm and nostalgia in this revived settlement, a testament to the dedication of 21st-century polar residents.

  • Dinner in the Restaurant Pyramiden


After a whole day on the boat, the warmth and hospitality of Pyramiden will greet you, accompanied by a set meal exuding Soviet elegance. Later, unwind in the cozy comfort of the settlement, where you can enjoy evening screenings of documentary films about Pyramiden's past. With no internet or phone connection, it's a chance for a digital detox, allowing sincere conversations and pure enjoyment without interruptions from gadgets


  • Overnight in the hotel Pyramiden

Pyramiden, nestled at the base of its namesake mountain, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1911. Initially a coal-mining settlement, it flourished during the Soviet era, embodying a perfect model of socialism in the Arctic. Preserved since 1998, Pyramiden's Soviet-era infrastructure offers a unique glimpse into the past. Today, the town has evolved into a thriving tourist destination, with renovated facilities including a boiler house, hotel, restaurant, and cinema. Its allure extends beyond tourists, attracting filmmakers, journalists, and adventurers from around the globe.

Polarcirkel, an 8-meter-long vessel meticulously crafted by Norwegian shipbuilders, is tailored for Arctic marine passages. With a powerful Yamaha engine (200 HP) and advanced equipment, including echo sounders and emergency beacons, these boats ensure safe navigation. For added safety and comfort, we provide specialized Arctic rescue suits by renowned Norwegian brand Hansen.



  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant 

  • Hiking in the surroundings (10-16 km)


Exploring the Pyramiden region on foot offers a rich tapestry of mountain landscapes waiting to be discovered. With a variety of trails catering to all tastes and fitness levels, our guides can lead you to picturesque destinations like Bukhta Petunia or the enchanting waterfalls of Odindallen. Whether you seek a leisurely stroll or a challenging trek, Pyramiden promises unforgettable adventures amidst its diverse terrain.


  • Lunch in the tundra

  • Dinner in Pyramiden Restaurant

  • Overnight in the hotel Pyramiden

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

  • Departure to one of the most famous glacier of our fjord by open boat. Stop-over at the massive Nordenskiöld glacial wall

It is a common spot for polar bears to hunt seals, so there is a chance to meet them, but from a safe distance, of course.

  • Lunch in the restaurant​

  • Hiking to the goose lakes or to the Galleries of the Old Mine

  • Dinner in Pyramiden Restaurant

  • Overnight in the hotel Pyramiden

Nordenskiöldbreen stands as a symbol of Svalbard's natural splendor, renowned as one of the archipelago's most breathtaking glaciers. Its vast tongue extends into a glacial plateau spanning approximately 600 sq. km, while its towering wall captivates the imagination with its sheer height and vibrant hues. The thunderous echoes of calving ice reverberate from afar, even reaching the quaint town of Pyramiden, further emphasizing the glacier's awe-inspiring presence

Brucebyen, established in 1919 by polar explorer Dr. William Spiers Bruce, reflects the legacy of the Scottish Spitsbergen Syndicate and its nine expeditions to Spitsbergen from 1898 to 1920. Comprising four substantial buildings nestled on a compact parcel of land, the settlement preserves remnants of industrial activity dating back nearly a century. These vestiges evoke the pioneering spirit of early Spitsbergen settlers and the "gold rush" atmosphere that once permeated the archipelago in the early 20th century.

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

  • Visit to the Souvenir Shop

  • Lunch in the restaurant

  • Departure to Longyearbyen by open boats

  • Arrival in Longyearbyen

  • Transfer to your place of accommodation in Longyearbyen

On Svalbard weather conditions change quickly so that is why for the safety and comfort of our guests, the tour program might be changed regarding the itineraries and destinations.




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