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Pyramiden, Svalbard is the Soviet settlement, conserved in 1998 and became one of the most famous ghost towns in the world. Nowadays though it's not abandoned anymore, as since 2008 DMC Trust Arcticugol maintains touristic activity there. Pyramiden settlement is a signature of Svalbard Archipelago and during navigation it's being visited with regular ships from Longyearbyen and during winter by groups on snowmobiles. With renovated Cultural Palace, Hotel and Bar, Pyramiden is ready to accept guests comfortably. The Ghost Town has become the Arctic Phoenix and is more alive then ever.



Hotel Pyramiden is seasonally open since 2013 - with half or full board. Located near spectacular Glacier Camp vis-a-vis next to the impressive ice front of Nordenskiöld glacier. Has 38 Twin and 5 Suite rooms. Newly-refurnished rooms are each equipped with toilet and shower.

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Restaurant Pyramiden


Welcome to Pyramiden Restaurant - a special place with peculiar Soviet atmosphere and great food! The menu is specially designed to feed people who have had an exciting day out in Svalbard`s rough nature. In addition we like to offer a playful menu based on authentic Russian specialties. We also offer banquet menu for groups and special occasions, with skillfully composed choice.



The Bar of the Pyramiden Hotel is a modern european bar with a wide range of drinks for any tastes. The chillout zone of the bar has been enlarged in 2019 due  to high occupancy during high season but the interior was preserved with huge attention to the details not to disturb the atmosphere of the Soviet entourage.

Pyramiden Restaurant offers both set menu and menu a-la-carte.

Please pay attention that the restaurant works on terms of pre-booking.

Bar Pyramiden


Locals call Pyramiden a time-travel machine as the settlement was preserved really well due to the arctic climate, so visitors feel the real atmosphere of the Soviet Union, as if the town was left just a couple of days ago. This is why the excursion through the town visiting the old canteen, swimming pool and the Cultural Palace is a must-see. Though pay attention that normally the buildings are closed and visitors are not allowed to get inside not being accompanied with a guide


Pyramiden is becoming famous for its hikes as there are more then 15 routes from the hotel for any level and interest. Industrial Soviet constructions, different huts and of course beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Visitors and hikers either need to use the local guide's services or have necessary equipment and a gun with them to stay safe. Most of the routes are well described by local mountain guide and you may request the brochure in the hotel.

Hikings around Pyramiden
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