Pyramiden Hotel


Have you ever been to the USSR? Welcome to our Arctic time machine and experience real Soviet atmosphere far in the north – in the ghost town Pyramiden.


The ambiance of this ghost settlement makes an unusual and strong impression on any experienced traveler. This community was founded by Sweden in the beginning of the 20th century and sold to the Soviet Union in 1927. The living conditions were perfect in the 80-es.  It was an Arctic Paradise for those who lived and worked there. After the fall of USSR Pyramiden was closed and has since then remained abandoned with all its infrastructure in place, ‘’conserved’’. All the buildings are in a good state and the settlement seems inhabited, but the silence reigns over Pyramiden, there is no living soul around… but the polar bears.


Pyramiden Hotel is seasonally open since 2013 - with half or full board. Located near spectacular Glacier Camp vis-a-vis next to the impressive ice front of Nordenskiöld glacier. Has 38 Twin and 11 Suite rooms. Newly-refurbished rooms are each equiped with toilet and shower. 


Restaurant and a souvenir shop on the 1-st floor.


NO Wi-Fi and/or  MOBILE CONNECTION for guests.




Welcome to Pyramiden Restaurant - a special place with peculiar Soviet atmosphere and great food! The menu is specially designed to feed people who have had an exciting day out in Svalbard`s rough nature. In addition we like to offer a playful menu based on authentic Russian specialties. We also offer banquet menu for groups and special occasions, with skillfully composed choice.



Pyramiden Restaurant offers both set menu and menu a-la-carte.


Our bar has a wide range of beverages incl. vodka Pyramiden. 


Please pay attention that the restaurant works on terms of pre-booking.




The distance from Longyearbyen to Pyramiden is approx 110 km and  there are no roads connecting the two settlements. 


In winter time you can get to Pyramiden by snowmobiles. The transfer takes approx. 3.5 hrs. and starts from the end of February.


In summer  you can get to Pyramiden ​by boats with one of several companies located in Longyearbyen or join one of the our complex tours.


The navigation season is from mid-June until end of November.


You can order a transfer from the pier to the hotel/ hostel.



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The Price for 2020 season


2 000 NOK

SNGL placement

in TWIN/ renovated

1 800 NOK

Suite/ family


2 500 NOK

Extra bed for

a child in family


 300 NOK

The prices are per room.

Breakfast included


Visa / MasterCard


For booking

Please give us a call or send us an email!

9178 Barentsburg

Svalbard, Norway

+ 47 90 60 84 70  (office)
+ 47 94 13 01 28 (24 hours)

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