Short tours round Barentsburg surroundings

Hiking tour to satellite station on Olaf Mountain/ Winter/ Summer tour


Hiking tour up to satellite station installed on Olaf Mountain spotting for Aurora Borealis and just for cool pictures :) We can make it romantic with lanterns we hold in the hands lighting the way. The view downwards is spectacular - while the sun is hidden under the horizon, Barentsburg becomes a magical place lit only by streetlamps, the Northern Lights and the moon which glitters in the snow.

In summer time we can make it as a dogs-trekking tour.


Duration 2-2.5 hrs - 190 NOK/  pers/ for group more 3 pers

                                 600 NOK/ 1-3 pers

Walking tour to Cape Heer/ Summer tour/ Winter tour/ 13.5 km

The tour runs alongside the coastline. Its width depends on the rise and fall of the tide and the Moon’s phase. The coastline goes gradually up to Cape Heer and in 2.5 hrs we can find ourselves up on the 12-14 m height. There is a nice view from here to the picturesque Isfjord famous for plenty of wildlife at this time of the year. While we are walking up we pass tiny Cape Festningen with a lighthouse showing the entrance to  Grønfjord, a canon from the Norwegian warship and still active Russian helicopter station.  And besides we will enjoy the wild and grandiose nature around with a great chance to watch seals, walruses, reindeers and Arctic foxes which are used to rest and feed along the coast of Grønfjord and Isfjord. Sandwiches and warm drink on the way.


In winter time we offer this as a snowshoe tour.


Duration 3-4 hrs  - 350 NOK/ pers/ for group more 3 pers

                            990 NOK/ 1-3 pers


Optionally a bus on the way back/ 200 NOK

Boat Safari – Ghost settlement Grumant / Summer tour


Grumant looks like a small ghost town tucked between the mountains to Coles Bay. This was the largest settlement on Svalbard after the war with up to 1200 people. Russian company Articugol was running the mines in Grumant valley, and had the port of shipment in Coles Bay. Between these two small towns is a narrow gauge railway which we can see the remains of today. The settlement was abandoned in the beginning of the 1960's. We start walking up the mountain to 500 m height. When reaching the top we get a splendid view over Isfjorden and all surroundings. After a visit to town Grumant we go down to Rusanov hut and then another settlement Coles Bay. Trekking route is around 10 km. In Coles Bay valley the guide will show us the only birch grove on Svalbard. An expedition lunch is served outside Grumant. Trip from/ to Barentsburg aboard RIB Polarcirkel. 



Duration 7 hrs - 1590 NOK/ pers

Min group 6 pers

Boat Safari - Follow the history of Pomor hunters/ Summer tour



Itinerary runs to the east side of Grønfjord through an impressive Bay Kokerineset. In the 18th century it was used as a harbour by floating whale factories (kokeri).  In Kokerineset we go ashore and continue the route across a picturesque valley with a fabulous view on Barentsburg to the spectacular Congress lake, famous for sulphurous outflows, and Linné lake. Trekking tour is around 6.5 km.The final trekking destination is  Starostin Cape. Here we have a break for a real Pomor lunch at the fascinating Starostin hut listening to the guide’s story about Pomors - Russian hunters who came from the White Sea and trapped on Svalbard from 1700 to 1850. The most famous Russian trapper Ivan Starostin spent 39 winters. Fifteen of these were in one stretch. Then we continue our trip to Isfjord Radio and after getting an overview of the place come back to Barentsburg.


If the weather conditions are not favourable, the itinerary can be changed for a boat safari to Isfjord Radio with coffee and bakery served in Isfjord Radio Hotel.


Duration 7-8 hrs - 1590 NOK/ pers

Min group 6 pers


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