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Please note that venturing beyond Pyramiden requires strict adherence to safety protocols. It is essential to carry appropriate safety equipment such as a suitable gun and signal gun, and be proficient in their use. We highly recommend arranging guided tours for sightseeing or hiking trips, as guides not only ensure your safety but also enrich your experience with fascinating Arctic tales.


to Goose Lakes

The walk to Goose Lakes is the easiest and most accessible in the vicinity of the Pyramid.
The lakes were artificially created as reservoirs, and the peculiarity is that a frozen embankment serves as a dam for them. You will be able to appreciate first-hand the futuristic appearance of the above-ground structural elements that once kept the soil frozen deep below the surface, creating a barrier to water. The lower lake still serves as an active source of water for the village.
On the way back, you can visit the Bottle House - a special, remarkable place, and perfect for relaxing at the end of the walk to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.

Trail grade: SAC - T1 (Yellow), FjordNorway - Green/Easy

Duration: 2.5-3 hours, 7 km

4+ persons - 300 nok/person
1-3 persons - 1200 nok/group

HIKING TOUR to Petuniabukta

This walking route can be called a classic one. The path lies along the coast, between Mimer and Petunia bays, along the old all-terrain road. The turning point is the house, once a base for scientific field research. Near it there is a place with a table and benches, where a stop for rest and tea is planned (you can order sandwiches or a field lunch in the hotel restaurant). Depending on weather conditions and the tide schedule, part of the route may lie along the littoral zone.

Trail grade: SAC - T1 (Yellow), FjordNorway - Blue/Medium

Duration: 3-4 hours, 10 km

4+ persons - 500 nok/person
1-3 persons - 2100 nok/group


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If you are interested in walking the path of a miner with your own feet through the galleries on the mountainside, then this route is for you. It takes on average 3.5-4 hours. Be prepared for a long climb!

If you have enough time and energy, you can go to the satellite communications site, where antennas and equipment are still located.

It is noteworthy that at the mine level and above, a cellular signal from Longyearbyen (Telenor) is steadily received; here you can access 4G Internet.


Trail grade: SAC - Т2 (White-red-white), FjordNorway - Blue/Medium

Duration: 2,5-4 hours, 4-6 km (зависит от маршрута)

4+ persons - 500 nok/person

1-3 persons - 2100 nok/group

FULL DAY HIKING TOURS: Pyramiden mountain, Yggdrassilkampen, Odinfjellet etc.

The Pyramid is famous for its hiking, as there are more than 15 routes from the hotel for any level and interest. Routes are available depending on the time of season and climatic conditions. You can consult with our managers and guides. 


Trail grade: SAC - T2-T4, FjordNorway -  Blue/Medium-Red/Challenging

Duration approximately 6-8 hours,12-20 km, field lunch is included.

4+ persons - 900 nok/person

1-3 persons - 3300 nok/group


Photos from the hiking

Photos from the hiking

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