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The high Arctic, Svalbard, Spitsbergen island... Located midway between continental Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is a dream of explorers. The nature is wild and grandiose; everything is in its superlative!


You will go through a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with a fjord boat safari along the gigantic glaciers that descend from the dramatic summits into the Greenland sea, hiking across valleys or canyons and passing between majestic colourful mountains. Animals, rather than human beings, inhabit this land: a wild reindeer grazing on the valley's surface, seals and walruses basking on the ice floes - in other words, the pure wilderness is concentrated in this place. 


The trip is an intense experience for true adventurers:

in 8 days, you travel along the island and visit all stunning bays and fjords of Svalbard, inaccessible otherwise than by open boat Polarcirkel.

You will follow the traces of the famous Arctic explorers and hunters, visit the modern Russian settlement Barentsburg, hear the stories written by polar explorers known all over the world, then get to the post-frozen settlement Pyramiden to dig yourself into the atmosphere of the past, and after catch your breath in cosy interiors of hotels and restaurants to get ready for cutting the sea waves further on.


Program duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Requirements: fairly good physical form. The trip is not recommended for persons suffering from back pains.


Day 1. Monday. Arrival on Svalbard

- Arrival in Longyearbyen by one of the night flights from Oslo within SAS or Norwegian airlines. The guides will meet you at the airport and then you will be transferred to Russkiy Dom (eng. Russian House, it is a guesthouse and expedition centre of the Arctic Travel company Grumant; 2-4-person accommodation). 


- Light dinner. Overnight in the guesthouse Russkiy Dom. 

Day 2. Tuesday. Boat trip Longyearbyen - Barentsburg. Esmark glacier. Barentsburg. Folk show


- Breakfast in the guesthouse Russkiy Dom. 


08:30 - Transfer to a harbour of Longyearbyen. 


- Boat-cruise trip through the Greenland sea to Barentsburg (duration is approximately 3,5-4 hours) with a stop-over near the Esmark glacier (Esmarkbreen) with a 20-meter-high wall. There will probably be a chance to see whales or seals. 


- Grill-lunch is served onboard while the stop-over near the glacier. 


- Accommodation in the hotel «Barentsburg». 


- Guided tour around the settlement. 


Barentsburg is the Russian «capital» of Svalbard. It is a town of Arctic stories written by Dutch explorers, pomors, Norwegian trappers, American and German merchants, adventurers, Soviet builders of communism and Russian miners. Barentsburg was founded in 1921 by the Dutch as a coal-mining settlement. Since 1931 it has been under the State Trust «Arcticugol» administration. The population is approximately 500 people. 


- Museum exhibition complex ArtArctic Gallery visit. 

Unique exposition of pomors’ artefacts of XVII – XVIII found during archaeological excavations held on Svalbard. There are no similar collections of pomors’ artefacts of XVII – XVIII anywhere. Several vitrines with authentic artefacts from Willem Barents’ expedition of 1596 including a part of the wooden ship. The artefacts were found during the Russian-Netherlandish expedition of 1993-1995 in a location of Barents’ over-wintering on the archipelago Novaya Zemlya (rus. The New Land). 


- Folk show in the Culture Palace of Barentsburg with a performance of local music and dance bands. 

- Dinner in the bar, restaurant and brewery Red Bear with the tasting of a locally made beer brewed on the glacier lake water and the English malt. The northern cuisine specialities are served. 


- Overnight in the hotel «Barentsburg». 

Day 3. Wednesday. PolarCirkel boat trip along picturesque shores of Isfjorden (cape Starostin, cape Festningen, Isfjord Radio station)
- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. 

- Transfer to the harbour. Boat trip by open RIB boats PolarCirkel. 

PolarCirkel is an 8-meter-long boat of high endurance and created by Norwegian shipbuilders specifically for marine passages in the Arctic. The boats are equipped with a large power engine Yamaha (200 HP), echo sounders, emergency beacons and marine radio communication. Therefore, we provide special Arctic rescue suits by Norwegian brand Hansen. It will keep you warm, protect from the wind and give a boost of confidence during the boat trips.

- The first stop-over is at the cape Festningen where you will see a lighthouse navigating close-going ships. 

- Walking tour passing by the cape Starostin to reach the coast of Russekeila bay (approximately 6 km). 

Cape Starostin got its name after a legendary pomor trapper, Ivan Starostin, who spent 39 winters on Svalbard never leaving the island during the last 15 years. He lived at the Russekeila river mouth located not so far from Grønfjorden. There you will see the reconstruction of Starostin overwintering camp and pomor funeral cross and will get inside a functioning cabin. One more interesting thing about this place is that Starostin Cape and environs around became the shooting point for the Norwegian movie «Operasjon “Arktis”».

Picnic in cosy interiors of the Starostin hut. 

- Walking tour in the surroundings and the Isfjord Radio station visit. 

Isfjord Radio is a former shore radio and weather station on the cape Linné. A century ago it turned into a connection chain between the archipelago and the mainland, serving as a navigation system and collecting weather data. Nowadays, the station is completely automatically controlled and includes nice accommodation and restaurant facilities. 


- Arrival in Barentsburg. 

- Dinner in the hotel restaurant. 

- Overnight in the hotel «Barentsburg». 

Day 4. Thursday. Add-on activities in Barentsburg


- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. 

- This day there is an option to visit the mine of Barentsburg (at extra cost).

It is the only operating coal mine in the world where you can get into with a tour. You can see a war between man and nature, mechanisms of getting into the ground depth and of mine reinforcement and collapse protection. You can learn how the coal is being produced and transported onto the surface. You can hear sounds of the underground mine core and feel a breath of the wind going up to the surface from the half-kilometre depth. 

The first half of the day is the time to have a walking tour to the bottom of the mountain Olaf or to choose an alternative itinerary in the surroundings of Barentsburg. 


Olaf is a mountain located in the surroundings of Barentsburg where there are satellite antennas adjusted. At the bottom of the Olaf mountain, there is a point at the height of 250 m above sea level where you’ll see breathtaking views of Barentsburg, Grønfjorden and the west coast. 

Therefore, you can visit our husky kennel and go for a dog sledge on wheels with «fluffy companions» (at extra cost).


Our kennel in Barentsburg is unique because we have all the Arctic sledge dog breeds. 80 dog booths on the Grønfjorden shore against the background of the magnificent Esmark glacier (Esmarkbreen). You will see sledge dogs’ rigid faces that right after the first sniffing turn to cheerful ones with bright little stars in their tender eyes. The kennel is a place where images of the pole exploring by Amundsen and Peary take on life right in front of your eyes. Both poles were explored by people with the help of sledge dogs. Looking at these animals you can feel a sort of primaeval strength, goal-oriented power and natural authenticity. 

- A souvenir shop and post office visit


- Lunch in the hotel restaurant. 


- Kayak trip along Grønfjorden. 

- Dinner in the restaurant Red Bear. 

- Overnight in the hotel «Barentsburg». 

Day 5. Friday. Boat trip Barentsburg - Pyramiden. Colesbay

- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Packing. 


- Boat trip by RIB boats PolarCirkel to Pyramiden with a stop-over in a «frozen» settlement – Grumant, and Colesbay


While the stop-over you’ll hear about the history of the first Soviet coal mining settlement on Svalbard - Grumant, as well as about Colesbay which served as a port for ships arriving for transportation of the coal mined in Grumant. These two settlements were linked by specific rail system and the coal was transported in trolleys from Grumant to Colesbay and then loaded aboard. 

- Short walking tour (5 km approximately). 

- Picnic

- Boat trip to Pyramiden continues (depending upon weather conditions there could be a quick stop in Longyearbyen). 


- Arrival in Pyramiden

Pyramiden is a settlement situated at the bottom of the mountain and was named after it. It was founded in 1911. It’s a town located in between mountains, the huge glacier and moraine. In 1946 coal deposits started being opened up and in the 1970s-1980s a perfect socialism model system was built. In 1998 Pyramiden was frozen (preserved) but its infrastructure arranged in the Soviet period has come down to us. Anyone who has spent in Pyramiden at least a couple of hours makes a point in this place’s uniqueness. Today the town is open and it grows as a tourist location. A boiler house, hotel, restaurant and film stock cinema have been renovated. Pyramiden attracts not only tourists but also film directors, journalists, free riders and bloggers from all over the world. 


- Dinner in the hotel restaurant. 


- Overnight in the hotel «Pyramiden». 

Day 6. Saturday. Guided tour in Pyramiden. Boat trip to Nordenskiöld glacier. Movie show


- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. 

- PolarCirkel boat trip to the Nordenskiöld glacier (Nordenskiöldbreen). 


The glacier table is 300 km long and the wall strikes the imagination with its height and colours. You’ll feel its «thunder» before you reach it. Along the way, there could be a chance to see whales.


Duration is about 4-5 hours. 


- Arrival in Pyramiden. 

- Lunch in the hotel restaurant. 

- Guided tour including a visit to a school, canteen, swimming pool and Sport & Culture Palace. 


- Then you can go for one of the walking tours in the surroundings of Pyramiden 

- Movie show in the film stock cinema. 

A blacken-out cinema hall and sounds of an old cine-projector dig the audience into the atmosphere of the past century. As of now, there have been two film stock projectors renovated and the number of cine films has reached around 2000 items. Although it had seemed impossible a couple of years ago, in autumn, 2018 the first movie show was arranged. 


- Dinner in the hotel restaurant.


- Overnight in the hotel «Pyramiden». 

Day 7. Sunday. Hiking to the mountain Pyramiden. Add-on activities in Pyramiden


- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. 

- Hiking to the mountain Pyramiden. The height is 937 meters where you will see an amazing view on the settlement and surroundings. 

- Lunch in the hotel restaurant. 

After the lunch, you are welcome to visit the souvenir shop and one of the northernmost Norwegian post offices where you can send a postcard to your nearest and dearest from the 78’40 Northern latitude.  


- Dinner in the hotel restaurant. 


- Overnight in the hotel «Pyramiden». 

Day 8. Monday. Boat trip Pyramiden - Longyearbyen. «Farewell» dinner


- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. 

- Time is to do the packing or take a short walk to the Goose lakes and Bottle house 

Goose lakes are two basins being the main source of water for the Pyramiden settlement. You will see a unique engineering construction which prevents the water from freezing during all year round. 

Bottle house is completely built of glass bottles. According to the Norwegian law, it’s forbidden to toss out bottles (as well as any other garbage) on the archipelago. In the Soviet period, Pyramiden residents built a bottle house and turned the garbage into construction material. The result ended up to be curious. Since then, the Bottle house has become one of the most well-known sights of Pyramiden. 

- Light lunch in the hotel restaurant. 

- Boat trip from Pyramiden to Longyearbyen. Duration is approximately 3 hours. Arrival in Longyearbyen at around 2.30 pm. 

- Guided tour in Longyearbyen. 

Longyearbyen is the capital of Svalbard. It is the northernmost populated area with approximately 2000 inhabitants, 50 nationalities. Longyearbyen was founded in 1906 by John Longyear and named after him further on. This is a town with a particular temper that has been loved by adventurers, explorers, fans of the North and wilderness. 

- «Farewell» dinner in one of the restaurants in Longyearbyen. 

- Transfer to the airport for a night flight.

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Tour Price

20 900 NOK/ pers


Extra charge for accommodation in SINGLE rooms in Barentsburg and Pyramiden:

4 200 NOK/ pers

The Price Includes:

Accommodation and meals


Full board


Transfer airport-Longyearbyen-airport


Activities according to the itinerary


Boat rent (RIB Polarcirkel, Zodiac, cabin cruiser Barentsburg), fuel


Rent of survival suite Helly Hansen and safety equipment incl. portable radio set, satellite phone, GPS-navigator, warning bacon, etc.


English-speaking guide


Insurance covering research and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency



The Price Does Not Include:

Flight to/from Longyearbyen


Optional short trips and offers (tour to the mine, tour to the husky farm and dog-trekking)


Accomodation in the single room


Alcohol drinks and dishes/drinks beyond the menu


Tips to the guide

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