Our menu includes dishes made with the fresh Arctic fish species: cod, haddock, wolffish, Arctic char, salmon, and herring. Besides, we catch cod, haddock, wolffish, and the Arctic char ourselves in waters near Barentsburg, and the product is completely prepared with our own hands.

During the fishing season from June to October, you can choose the meal cooked with “24-hour catch” meaning that the period between catching and cooking is not more than 24 hours.

Our principles in the kitchen are freshness, simplicity, and traditions. 


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fresh fish menu

breakfast for hotel guests

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With the name of our restaurant, we pay the tribute to the memory and respect for generations of pioneers and real heroes of the Arctic discovery. We remember and honor the history of Svalbard. 


Rijpsburg is the first Dutch coal mining settlement on Svalbard that was founded in 1920 on the peninsula Bohemanneset on the northern coast of Isfjorden. It was named after Jan Cornelisz Rijp, a captain leading one of the ships of Willem Barentsz’s expedition, who discovered and opened Svalbard (Spitsbergen) in 1596. 


Rijpsburg settlement existed within less than a year. Due to shallow waters in the area of Bohemanneset that got the coal transportation rather difficult, Rijpsburg founders rebased to the coasts of Grønfjorden with the new coal deposit location. 


In 1931 the Dutch company Nespico sold coal mining settlement Barentsburg to the Soviet State Trust “Arcticugol”. Moreover, all the basic constructions were brought to Barentsburg from Rijpsburg. 


In the meanwhile, Rijpsburg had been buried in oblivion. Only in 2011, it was put on the map again. Nowadays, in Rijpsburg, there is one house built in 1900 by the Norwegian, Søren Zachariassen, who was the first one who had found the coal in Bohemanneset. 


Rijpsburg and Bohemanneset are now one of the five plots on Svalbard owned by the Russian State Trust “Arcticugol”.  

Rijpsburg, old town


Rijpsburg Cod Liver Pate plate


Liver of the cod, that we caught near the coast of Barentsburg.

It is processed and preserved immediately after being caught, without the use of preservatives.

In our menu it is served as appetizers in three types:

- By pieces with no additives;

- Mixed with butter;

- Mixed with grated peas.


The minke whale is officially caught not near the coasts of Svalbard but in the Greenland Sea. However, the minke whale also lives here, in the fjords of Svalbard, and periodically enters our "homey" Grønfjorden. 

We have tasted different recipes and various types of cooking. 

But eventually, we realized that to understand the natural taste, you need to try a classic steak.

Whale Steak, Rijpsburg
Fish & Chips, Rijpsburg


It is a traditional English dish - a piece of cod or haddock in batter with French fries and sauce.

That is a classic recipe, with one difference - cod and haddock are caught literally under the windows of the restaurant.


Bacalhau is one of the pillars that the Portuguese kitchen rests on. It is a dish of dried cod, then soaked in water or milk.


It is believed that the Portuguese originally borrowed the recipe for dried cod dishes from the Vikings.

Bacalhau, Rijpsburg
Rijpsburg Soups



Finnish Karelian cream soup made with two types of fish – red and white. 


Russian fish broth. It is a salmon and cod soup with veggies and spices. Served with a shot of vodka "Barentsburg". 


Norwegian fish soup. It is a thick and creamy cod broth with veggies, spices, cream, and sour cream. Served with a wheat flatbread.


Russian traditional dish - dough envelopes with filling. In our restaurant, there are two types of fillings – salmon and cod.

Pelmeni with cod can be served fried, boiled, or boiled with broth. 

Pelmeni with salmon can be served boiled or boiled with broth. 

Pelmeni Rijpsburg
Lamb & Salmon, Rijpsburg


Fried salmon fillet and rack of lamb, roasted carrot, potatoes, spices, and sauce. 

It is a dish made in trend Surf & Turf for those who cannot choose between meat and seafood. That is when familiar tastes become fresh new, unusual, and unique. 

For an organized tourist group, we offer a set menu. If you plan to visit Barentsburg in a group with over 10 persons, we recommend arranging your meals in advance. This way, you will save time and will not wait for your meal to be ready. Our set menu is non-permanent and season-related.

When order the set menu, please kindly provide guests' allergies and food limitations. 

Our chefs will definitely modify the sets accordingly. 

250 NOK

There is no need to think of what to eat for lunch. Our chef will offer you a great set!

The set lunch includes: 
- starter

- soup

- main course

- water
- tea or coffee 

Set Dinner, Rijpsburg

200 NOK

There are 2 options for the set dinner. 

Standard dinner includes: 

- starter

- main course

- dessert

- water

- tea or coffee

Set Super Dinner, Rijpsburg

If you had a long drive by snowmobile or did hiking across the Arctic landscapes of Svalbard, a rich dinner is that what you need. 

The super dinner includes: 
- starter

- soup

- main course

- dessert

- water
- tea or coffee