The landscapes of the northern part of Isfjord are characterized by attractive rocky peaks, high mountains, a large number of fossils, picturesque waterfalls, a diverse landscape and panoramic views. This area is perfect for the travelers that are fond of hiking who want to discover the unspoiled and hidden places of the most mysterious corner of Svalbard without giving up comfort. 
During the day, the height differences can be significant. This is a classic glacial terrain with wide valleys, moraines, rocky slopes and shallow wide rivers. 

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5 days of hiking


For experienced hikers


Comfortable hotel accommodation


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19 900 NOK / person

Extra charge for accommodation in SINGLE rooms in Pyramiden:

5 600 NOK / person


  • Transfer from/to the airport or your place of accommodation in Longyearbyen

  • Boat transfers to/from Pyramiden

  • Accommodation & Meals

  • Guide services

  • Insurance covering search and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency


  • Flight to/from Longyearbyen

  • Bar drinks or a-la carte orders beyond the tour program

  • Souvenirs

  • Individual travel insurance

  • Additional services (Kayaking, Sauna, Cinema)



  • Arrival to Longyearbyen on one of the SAS or Norwegian daytime or evening flights from Oslo. Hotel Check-in (self-booked).

Longyearbyen is the capital of Svalbard. It is the northernmost populated area with more than 2000 inhabitants, 50 nationalities. Longyearbyen was founded in 1906 by John Longyear and named after him further on. This is a town with a particular temper that has been loved by adventurers, explorers, fans of the North and wilderness.


Arrival to Pyramiden

  • 08: 30 Transfer from the hotel to the port.

  • Sea voyage on a comfortable ship from Longyearbyen to Pyramiden with a stop near the Nordenskiöld glacier (duration about 5 hours).

  • Grill lunch on board the ship near the glacier wall.

  • Arrival in Pyramiden.

  • Accommodation in the Hotel Pyramiden.


Guided tour around the town of Pyramiden with an immersion in the era of Arctic development during the period of developed socialism. The settlement has been perfectly preserved to this day and now life is being revived in it by the caring hands and warm hearts of the polar people of the 21st century. Visit the well-preserved buildings of the canteen, school and kindergarten, swimming pool, Palace of Culture with a cinema projection room and a film storage room.

  • The screening of the film with the old restored Soviet film projectors. 


The darkened hall, the characteristic noise of the old film projector and the analog image immerse the audience in the atmosphere of the last century. Two film projectors have been restored in Pyramiden, and the number of preserved films reaches 2000. In the fall of 2018, the first film screening took place, although a few years ago this seemed impossible.

  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant 

  • Overnight in the Hotel Pyramiden

The Nordenskiöld Glacier is the hallmark of Svalbard, one of the most beautiful glaciers on the archipelago and definitely the most famous. The tongue of the glacier turns into a plateau with an area of about 600 km2, and its wall is striking in its height and color. The rumble of breaking ice can be heard from the Pyramiden. Along the way, there is a high chance of encountering whales and polar bears.

Pyramiden is a settlement located at the bottom of the mountain and named after it. It was founded in 1911. It's a town located in between mountains, the huge glacier and moraine. In 1956 the settlement started coal production and in the 1970s-1980s a perfect socialism model system was built. In 1998 Pyramiden was preserved but its infrastructure arranged in the Soviet period has come down to us. Anyone who has spent at least a couple of hours in Pyramiden makes a point in this place's uniqueness. Today the town is open and it grows as a tourist location. A boiler house, hotel, restaurant and film stock cinema have been renovated. Pyramiden attracts not only tourists but also film directors, journalists, free riders and bloggers from all over the world.


Table Mountain with the Jotunfonna glacial plateau.

The length of the route: 13-16 km.

Duration: 6-8 hours
Category: 3
Fjord Norge AS: Red - Challenging
Swiss Alpine Club (SAC): Т3 - Challenging mountain hiking (White-red-white)


  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

  • Walking trip to the Table Mountain Yggdrasilcampen.


Yggdrasilkampen also known as Table Mountain was named after the World Tree Yggdrasil from Scandinavian mythology. Climbing this mountain is not easy, but the views are worth it. From the edges of this plateau, you can enjoy views of the settlement, Mount Pyramiden, the surrounding glaciers and the impressive river valley Mimir. The route includes a long scree climb, crosses the top of the plateau and comes out on the Jotunfonna Glacier. where you will find cracks, caverns and gullies. Then you will go to the observation point, with a view of a house on the Blue Lake, and then descend to the road where you will be picked up by a bus to get back to the settlement.

This route has been actively used for several years and enjoys well-deserved popularity due to its diversity - a mountain climb with beautiful panoramas, rocky and overgrown tundra, and a glacier with moraine lines.

  • Lunch box on the route

  • A la carte dinner in the hotel restaurant

  • Overnight in the Hotel Pyramiden


Mount Odin and Waterfalls Valley

Route length: 17-22 km. Duration: 6-8 hours
Category: 3
Fjord Norge AS: Red - Challenging
Swiss Alpine Club (SAC): Т3 - Challenging mountain hiking (White-red-white)

On the route there are stone scree, so it is recommended to take reliable hard shoes and trekking poles.

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

  • Hike to Odinfjellet

A simple circular route to the picturesque summit of Mount Odin, named after a Norse god. From the artificial Goose Lakes that serve as a source of water for the settlement, you will begin a technically simple climb to the top of the mountain. Along the way, you will see ancient fossils, as the valley and the summit were under water for ages. After climbing to the top, you will cross the glacier to the cliff at the 40-meter-high Sjursethfossen waterfall, where you will have a long stop for lunch. Then, after a short scree descent into the Odindalen valley, you will come out on a light rocky tundra back to the lakes.


  • Lunch box on the route

  • A la carte Dinner in the restaurant

  • Overnight in the Hotel Pyramiden


The Great Pyramiden Waterfall in the Tordalen Valley

Route length: 14 km. Duration: 4-5 hours
Category: 2
Fjord Norge AS: Blue – Medium
Swiss Alpine Club (SAC): Т3 - Challenging mountain hiking (White-red-white)

The route is technically quite simple. The only difficulty on the way can be a wide flood of the river, the level and strength of the flow of which depends on the time of the season. Guides will arrange a safe river crossing.

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

  • Half-day trip to the Great Pyramiden Waterfall Torelva


A radial route to the most impressive canyon in the area with a waterfall and amazing views. It starts from the Goose Lakes that are already familiar to you. They can be reached by bus, car or bicycle. Then you will need to cross the river valley, smoothly climb the old cross country vehicle road to the plateau and approach the canyon, from the cliff of which a rapid water flow falls. At this point, you will make a stop for tea. And then you will return along the canyon with small waterfalls and picturesque rocks.


  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant

  • Spare time.

The opportunity to relax a little or take advantage of additional services – take a steam bath in the sauna, watch a full-length film, take a sea kayak trip, visit the northernmost post office and souvenir shop.

  • A la carte Dinner in the hotel restaurant

  • Overnight in the Hotel Pyramiden


Pyramiden Mountain ascent

Route length: 10 km. Duration: 5-7 hours
Category: 3
Fjord Norge AS: Red - Challenging
Swiss Alpine Club (SAC): Т4 - Alpine walking (White-blue-white)

  • Breakfast

  • Radial ascent to the top of the Pyramiden Mountain, which is the symbol of the settlement and the signature of the region.

The route starts from the hotel in the direction of the port and goes to the old cross country vehicle serpentine road up the slope, which offers a panorama of the village on one side and the bays of the Billefjorden and the Nordenskiöld glacier on the other. Closer to the top, the road ends and the ascent begins on the large stones of the mountain ridge, after which you will climb up the steep screes through the steps of the unique rock outlier of the mountain in the form of a pyramid. Metal ladders are installed in two places. You need to be careful not to throw the stones at each other. From a height of 937 meters, you will have a wonderful view of all the surroundings of the Billefjorden, valley glaciers and the endless Lomonosov plateau. You can write down your name and impressions in a special book of visitors to the summit, stored here in an iron safe. Here, at the top, you can spend some time, relax and have a snack before returning by the same route. 

  • Lunch box on the route.

  • A la carte Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

  • Overnight in the Hotel Pyramiden


Velvet Mountain, galleries

Route length: 4-6 km. Duration: 3-4 hours
Category: 2
Fjord Norge AS: Blue – Medium
Swiss Alpine Club (SAC): Т2 (White-red-white) - Mountain hiking

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

  • Trip through the galleries to the sign "Miru Mir" - "Peace to the world".


On the slope of the mountain there are galleries that served as the above-ground structures of the mine, as well as the legendary sign "Mir Mir". The route starts from the hotel and goes towards the technical part of Pyramiden through the covered gallery to the old railway station. Then the trail leads directly to the entrance to the mine. Here you will have the opportunity to inspect the outer constructions of mine and then climb up to the top of a ridge with a panoramic view of the settlement, the valley Mimerdalen and glacier Bertilbreen, with a grotto that used to be a source of water for the whole settlement.  The route has a long ascent and a rather steep descent along the stone-scree slope through the remains of snow-holding structures and the sign "Mir Mir", which appears from under the snow when the polar summer comes. The return to the settlement will be through the complex of buildings of the cargo slope.

  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant

  • Spare time

  • A la carte dinner in the hotel restaurant


Mount Tarantellen

Route length: 25-35 km. Duration: 11-13 hours

Category: 4

Fjord Norge AS: Black - Expert

Swiss Alpine Club (SAC): Т3 - Challenging mountain hiking (White-red-white)

We recommend you to pack extra warm and windproof clothings in case of weather changes, trekking poles for ascents and descents, as well as a sufficient amount of water.

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

  • Hike to the Tarantellen rock

The walking route is technically simple, but the distance is large: 26 km. After a short trip from Pyramiden on the open boat PolarCirkel to the starting point of the route, you will see a panorama of the entire bay, which, like a shamrock, consists of three bays - Mimir, Petunia and Adolf. The blue-white wall of the Nordenskiöld Glacier unfolds on its opposite bank, where Lomonosov glacier plateau merges with the sky. Skirting these bays, you will find yourself in a narrow wedge-shaped valley between moraine lines, from where you will get to a narrow couloir between the slopes, where, hidden from the wind, you can have lunch. You may have to wade through several rivers to reach the final ascent to Tarantula Peak itself, named after the spider-shaped rock outlier at the top of the mountain.

  • Lunch box on the route

  • A la carte dinner in the hotel restaurant



Return to Longyearbyen

  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant

  • Spare time until lunch. Time to pack your things and rest.

  • A la carte Lunch in the hotel restaurant

  • Return to Longyearbyen by comfortable boat

  • Transfer to the airport or hotel

*On Svalbard, weather conditions change quickly so that is why for the safety and comfort of our guests, the tour program might be changed regarding the itineraries and destinations.