PyramidDay, 2 days


Party ‘End of the tourism season on Svalbard’!


It's the exact moment to draw a line and to share the coolest stories of the year for us, all who are involved in tourism, it’s the perfect time to take a breath for the rest of the community not impacted by it, as well.


So what we suggest? We have the well-known Pyramiden settlement!

The phoenix settlement, rising alive from the ashes of nothing and even further, being reborn in other sense. Three years ago, when Pyramiden just started changing, in May's off-season, we organised a spontaneous party for the locals from Barentsburg and Longyearbyen. We called it PyramidDay. That was also when «What happened in Pyramiden - stayed in Pyramiden» appeared. The moto is alive and is awaiting exactly for you to completely approve it. Let's make the reunion traditional!


As long as there aren’t any borders between winter and summer, we decided to arrange it this autumn, when there’s at least some sort of a difference.


So, let it be Week-end in Pyramiden! We’re looking forward to see you there!


​Program duration: 2 days / 1 night

Day 1. September 21th, Saturday.  Longyearbyen-Pyramiden


Guests’ arrival in the afternoon

This day Henningsen Transport & Guiding company provides the opportunity to come to Pyramiden with a special price for locals (one way – 800 NOK/person) and we all appreciate it so much!

You can also come to us by means of your own boats and yachts. Harbour and passenger fee won’t be applied for the locals who get our package tours.


Check-in in the hotel Pyramiden


15:00 Extended guided tour around Pyramiden! This is the only day of the year when apart from the basic touristic buildings (Canteen and Swimming pool), we will open and show inside the school and kindergarten, “Paris”, film vault and mining office.


Duration of the guided tour is about 2 hours

17:00-18:00 Movie program starts in the northernmost cinema hall in the world (two short film stock documentaries). The main attraction of this movie screening is that all of movies will be showed through the old reactivated -cine-projectors. running on . 


In the cafeteria «Biblioteka» on the 2nd floor you can have a cup of coffee or tea with Russian buffet or even something stronger…


18:30-19:30 Concert in the Pyramiden Palace of Culture performed by BarentsburgBand and Grumanlane 1970-80s was the peak of Pyramiden during the Soviet period so that we decided to arrange the soirée with the spirit of that time. Dress code is appreciated :)


20:00 Festive dinner in the hotel restaurant


20:30 Live music performance in the hotel restaurant


23:00 «Club night» - Performance by the punk-rock band «Bipolarochka» (40 min) and right after - «Disco 70s-80s».

The show finishes and cafeteria closes at 1:00 am. 

Day 2. September 22nd, Sunday


09:00-11:00 Breakfast (buffet)


After the breakfast, you can relax or rent a bike (100 NOK/2 hours) or as an extra option, we also offer opportunity to go for a trekking.


You can choose between 2 trekking itineraries:


- Trekking in the Pyramiden environs 

Duration: about 4 hours. Price: 350 NOK/person.


- The combined tour (bus and short trekking) to the Goose lakes and Bottle House.

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 290 NOK/person


12:00 Football match - participation requests are to be taken not later than September 21st


14:30-15:30 Lunch in the hotel restaurant


Guests’ departure by your private boats and yachts or by boat trips organized by Henningsen Transport&Guidinfg (at about 16:00)


21-22 September 2019

Tour Price



2490 NOK/person



1990 NOK/person


 Tourism partner companies staff:

1690 NOK/person

The Price Includes:

Accommodation/ Hotel, Twin/Dbl room


Full board


Extended guided tour in Pyramiden

Russian buffet in the cafeteria «Biblioteka»

Movie show

Live music in the hotel restaurant 


Concert in the Pyramiden Palace of Culture (Grumanlane, BarentsburgBand and Bipolarochka)

Football match participation (not obligatory)

The Price Does Not Include:

Transfer Longyearbyen-Pyramiden-Longyearbyen


Optional activities:


- Goose lakes + Bottle house – 290 NOK/person (approx. 2 hours, bus + short trekking)


- Trekking in the Pyramiden environs – 350 NOK/person (approx. 4 hours) 


-Bike renting – 100 NOK/2 hours


Alcohol drinks and dishes beyond complex menu



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