Terms and Conditions

General Sales Terms and Conditions for INDIVIDUALS/ GROUPS – ACCOMODATION, DAY TRIPS AND EXPEDITIONS. These terms and conditions shall apply to all orders unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


These conditions shall apply to all orders unless otherwise agreed to in writing.



Orders may be placed through your travel agent or in writing to our office or our web address. Any arrivals after the start of the event and/or departures prior to the end of the event shall not entitle participants to any reductions in the price of the trip, unless this has been explicitly agreed or stated in advance. Nor shall participants be entitled to any price reductions due to circumstances beyond our control, such as e.g. weather, wind, flight and boat delays, changes in ice conditions etc.



Upon placing an order for our expeditions, a deposit of 50% of the price must be paid according to the arranged invoice within 10 days. We will send the customer an invoice for the remaining amount due for payment 90 days prior to departure. Upon late order placement, the full amount will be charged. After the due date, a late payment interest of 2.5% per month will accrue.


For booking of our day trips/cruises, the full amount will be charged upon booking.


Online bookings for accomodation are paid 100 percent online. Payment is safely processed from your credit/debit card.


Cancellation of accommodation and long trips/cruises must be done in writing. Depending on when we receive notice of the cancellation, we will refund the price of the service.

We recommend that customers take out cancellation insurance with their private insurance company, which should cover among others cancellation due to illness etc.


-recovery of losses of the Tour Operator in case of cancellation by a client of the paid Request for booking, by means of retention of default charge in the following amounts: 
-over a period of from 60 (sixty) to 31 (thirty one) calendar days before the tour begins – 30 (thirty) % from the cost of the tour; 
-over a period of from 30 (thirty) to 15 (fifteen) calendar days before the tour begins – 50 (fifty) % from the cost of the tour; 
-over a period of 14 (fourteen) and less calendar days before the tour begins – 100 (one hundred) % from the cost of the tour. 


Same rules as described in section 4a.


Arctic Travel Company Grumant reserves the right to change departure times and minimum amount of participants, and to cancel trips within 4 weeks prior to departure (or up to the starting time for day trips) in the event of an insufficient amount of participants in relation to the minimum amounts stated in brochures or on the website.


Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel trips up to the starting time of the trip due to force majeure or other circumstances that are beyond the control of the company and that prevent the completion of the trip or event. In such events, Arctic Travel Company Grumant shall be entitled to cancel the agreement without incurring liability beyond the amount that the customer has already paid.

We also reserve the right to change the program in the course of the trip, if the planner/guide deems such changes necessary for security or technical reasons (weather conditions, scooter break-down, delays etc). In the Arctic, the weather is in charge, and the extreme conditions that can prevail in certain situations may necessitate changes to the program (also due to ongoing rescue operations); consequently, such unforeseen circumstances do not entitle customers to any price reductions.


Arctic Travel Company Grumant will attempt to the extent possible to carry out the trip as described. The safety of our guests will always be our first priority.



The customer shall be responsible for evaluating his/her own physical and mental condition in relation to the contents of the trip. The customer shall at all times adhere to the instructions given by the event leader, and at no times is it allowed to bring private weapons or pyrotechnical equipment on our trips. Arctic Travel Company Grumant reserves the right to refuse a person to participate in our activities if such person is considered to represent a safety risk, or if such person displays such conduct so as to be of nuisance to other participants of the trip.



Arctic Travel Company Grumant activities are covered by an insurance guarantee taken out from the Governor of Svalbard for expenses in connection with potential rescue missions on Svalbard.  Arctic Travel Company will accept no liability for damages occurring or losses incurring beyond our control. For participation in our longer trips, the individual participant is required to have taken out an individual travel insurance policy. Such insurance may be purchased from a travel agent or from a personal insurance company.



Arctic Travel Company Grumant accepts no liability for any typing errors and price changes due to circumstances beyond our control.