Snowscooter safari to "Little Russia" 

in Barentsburg, 3 days


Join us on 3-days snow adventure to “Little Russia on Svalbard”, inaccessible otherwise than by snowmobile. You follow the traces of the famous Arctic explorers, get known to the stunning history of the Russian mining settlement and Russian traditions and have a tour to the Isfjord radio, a mythic coast radio and weather station founded in the beginning of the 20th century at Kapp Linné. Great panoramic views and historical sights are ahead! We might even see polar bear roaming on the ice! During 3 days we will leave behind over 200 km.













Day 1. LongyearbyenTodalen - Bødalen - Colesdalen - Skiferdalen - Passdalen - Grøndalen - Barentsburg


After breakfast and check-out from your hotel we pick you up around 10:00  at your place of accommodation and our guide will take you to the Expedition Centre Russki Dom for a briefing. We will give you some info on the planned route and update on the weather forecast. We provide solid and warm snowmobile suits. After safety briefing on how to drive snowmobiles we are equipped and ready  to discover Little Russia on Svalbard in spectacular Arctic wilderness.


• We start heading through the narrow valleys Todalen and Bodalen. Having made at least a dozen unique pictures in a couple of hours we pass along Grønfjord in the midst of magnificent mountain landscapes, to Cape Finneset and further on to Barentsburg – a charming  Russian mining community. 


Barentsburg is the Russian «capital» of Svalbard. It is a town of Arctic stories written by Dutch explorers, pomors, Norwegian trappers, American and German merchants, adventurers, Soviet builders of communism and Russian miners. Barentsburg was founded in 1921 by the Dutch as a coal-mining settlement.  Since 1931 it has been under the State Trust «Arcticugol» administration. The population is approximately 500 people.

• Upon arrival in Barentsburg - checking-in at the hotel «Barentsburg»

• Guided tour around the settlement during which we visit our souvenir shop and one of the northernmost Norwegian post office where you can send postcards from 78 North latitude to all over the world

• Visit to the ArtArcticGallery and displays telling on Svalbard and Arctic discovery. Explore the unique object collections of the Pomor hunters from 15-19 centuries.

• Dinner in the bar, restaurant and brewery Red Bear with the tasting of a locally made beer and Russian cuisine specialties served.

 Snowmobiling 70 km, 3 – 3.5 hrs



Day 2. Mythic coast radio and a workshop of Russian handicraft in Barentsburg: Barentsburg - Sandefjordneset - Kongressdalen -  Linnévatnet - Isfjord radio - Greenland Sea West Coast - Orustdalen - Vestre Grønfjordbreen - Barentsburg


• After breakfast we continue our Arctic exploration. We leave Barentsburg and follow the coast of Grønfjord up to the Grønfjord glacier. With the landscape experienced by Willem Barents  500 years ago we drive along Nordenskjold coast to the Greenland Sea. A delicious lunch will be served at Isfjord Radio- a mythic coast radio and weather station founded at the beginning of the 20th century at Kapp Linné. In the afternoon we drive back to Barentsburg.


• Upon arrival we have a splendid opportunity to visit some handicraft workshops (as an option) in the local Handicraft Centre and make a unique souvenir of our own (Russian matryoshka/ soap/ funny toy of felted wool etc.). All the workshops will be interesting both to grown-ups and children.


• Dinner at Barentsburg restaurant.


Snowmobiling 100 km, 4 -5 hrs


Day 3. Visit to the mine and more Arctic adventures: Barentsburg – Cape Heer – Coles Bay – Fardalen - Longyearbreen – Longyearbyen

• Early in the morning we offer you a tour to the Mine (paid additionally). It is one and the only tour into the working mine in the world! At first we get familiar to safety instructions, change our cloth and take miner’s equipment. Guided by a professional miner the tour starts at the wooden gallery with short insight of the mining history, then through the main entrance we go underground and visit two mine galleries. 

• Breakfast at the hotel

• Visit husky farm (optionally). It is a unique tourist attraction where under one roof we have

gathered dogs of main Arctic sled breeds: Siberian husky, Samoyed, Yakut laika, Alaska malamute. Our friendly and joyful dogs are waiting for your visit. Moreover we provide dog sledding. 

• Lunch in the hotel

• Snowmobiling Barentsburg- Coals bay (Colesbukta)- Fardalen- Longyearbyen


-We drive back to Longyearbyen. Passing Cape Heer, still active Russian heliport, we continue along the coast with many fine views to take photos of. Soon we arrive Coles Bay by Kapp Laila, on the south side of Isfjorden. After driving through the different valleys and the changing landscape we will start climbing with the snowmobiles up a long hill to the top of the Longyearbreen. The view here is absolutely amazing discovering gleaming in lights tiny Longyearbyen in an enormous Arctic nature.

Snowmobiling 60 km, 3 -3.5 hrs       


Depending on the weather and snow conditions our guide can change the route.

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Tour Price

Driver/ snowscooter 

(1 person/ per snowscooter)

10 290 NOK/ person


2 persons on the snowscooter

7 590 NOK/ per person

Extra charge for accommodation in SINGLE room:


1200 NOK/person

The Price Includes:

Accommodation in twin/dbl rooms


Full board


Activities according to the itinerary


 Snowmobile rental (Ski-doo Expedition 600/ Yamaha Ventura/ Lynx Commander 600), fuel


 Rental of winter overalls, boots, gloves and a helmet


 English-speaking guide


 Insurance covering research and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency


The Price Does Not Include:

Flight to/from Longyearbyen


 Alcohol drinks and dishes/drinks beyond the menu


Tips to the guide

OPTIONAL activities

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Departure is guaranteed at group size min 2 pers.

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