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Join us on a unique boat tour to Barentsburg – a capital of Little Russia on Svalbard. Barentsburg gives you a peculiar feeling of times gone by, even though the settlement is now under full restoration. This is still a company town where the state-owned Russian mining company Trust Arcticugol controls everything. A statue of Lenin majestically looks down on us from the highest point in the settlement, and a slogan “Communism is our goal” standing behind. Experience the world’s northernmost fjord-cruise aboard spectacular MS Langøysund  on the way to Barentsburg and express-boat Aurora Explorer on the way back. Whilst you enjoy the view in beside the impressive Esmark glacier in  Ymer Bay, a warm barbequed lunch is served onboard.

Let yourself penetrate into lovely Russian atmosphere rich in culture and history. A wide range of activities can be booked upon arrival.

Top of the adventure is Russian cuisine famous all over the world. Our menu is based on the authentic Russian specialties and dishes typical for Soviet Union times. We will be glad to offer our local Arctic beer in the brewery Red Bear!  We brew it almost on the top of the world using waters from the local glacier lake Stemme which gives it absolutely unique flavor. 


​Program duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Requirements: trip is moderate and can be suitable to everyone


Day 1

About 9:00 Boat trip to Barentsburg by regular cruise boat.

13:00 Guided tour round Barentsburg – Russian mining settlement

14:00 Check-in  Barentsburg Hotel

15:00 Walking tour to Cape Heer (optionally)*


The tour runs alongside the coastline. Its width depends on the rise and fall of the tide and the Moon’s phase. The coastline goes gradually up to Cape Heer and in 2.5 hrs we can find ourselves up on the 12-14 m height. There is a nice view from here to the picturesque Isfjord famous for plenty of wildlife at this time of the year. While we are walking up we pass tiny Cape Festningen with a lighthouse showing the entrance to  Grønfjord, a canon from the Norwegian warship and still active Russian helicopter station.  And besides we will enjoy the wild and grandiose nature around with a great chance to watch seals, walruses, reindeers and Arctic foxes which are used to rest and feed along the coast of Grønfjord and Isfjord. Sandwiches and warm drink on the way.

Duration: 4 – 4.5 hrs

Length: 13.5 km

It is also possible to rent a cycle.


20:00 Dinner in Red Bear Pub&Brewery, degustation of beer in the northernmost brewery 

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast in hotel restaurant

09:00 Optional activities

OPTION 1 Climbing tour to satellite station on Olaf Mountain

Easy and short trip for almost everybody. The trip starts behind Barentsburg Hotel. After approx 45 minutes we climb up to the satellite station (400 mh). We get known to the station and told a short overview of its role and functions. The view over Grønfjord is fantastic. We can observe flora, reindeer, birds and stone formations (polygons). We strongly recommend good walking boots and warm clothes.

Duration 2-2.5 hrs


OPTION 2  Walking tour to Cape Finneset

 Join us to the short and easy tour to Cape Finneset which is a true witness of how the place changed and developed. The guide will tell you many good stories on the way and also show the location of the whale factory functioning in 1600th-1700th and the first mine established by the Netherlands in the beginning of 20th century. On Cape Finneset there was the 1st residence of Svalbard Governor operated within 1920-1925. No doubt that we will have a chance to observe reindeers and Arctic foxes frequently coming here for food.

Duration 2.5 hrs

OPTION 3  Classes in Russian handicrafts

To go deeper into  Russian culture you can use a splendid opportunity to visit some handicraft classes in the local Handicraft Centre and make a unique souvenir of your own!!  Learn different patterns to paint matryoshka (Russian traditional doll), or methods to make funny toys out of felting wool and other materials, or soap-boiling, so popular in old days Russia. All  classes will be interesting both to grown-ups and children.

Duration: approx. 2 hrs

14:00 Lunch in hotel restaurant


Guided visit to husky farm (optionally)

Welcome to spend time socialising with our lovely dogs and pups! Our dogs love to have visitors and the sound of their greeting may last a while.

20:00 Dinner in hotel restaurant

Day 3

07:00 Guided tour Meet the Miner (optionally)

Are you willing to experience everyday life of miners? This is a tour to the mine which is still in operation. You will change into miners’ clothes, put on a helmet and sign yourself in, just like the miners do every day when starting their shift. While on the tour, you can hear and watch real miners on the way to or already from the shift. As you approach the entrance of the mine (ending point of the tour), light from the outside fades away and you can vividly imagine what it is like to spend the whole day in the pitch-black mine.

 Duration: approx 2 hrs

09:30 Breakfast in restaurant hotel

11:30 Check-out

12:30 Departure aboard fast boat 

13:30 Arrival to Longyearbyen



*Other optional activities: Visit to the husky farm, dog-trekking around Barentsburg, fat-bike tours, kayak tours, combined tours: boat + hiking + kayaking, fishing in Grønfjord. Duration of  tours: 2,5 - 8 hrs. 

* Optional tours are not incl in package and should be checked for availability and booking upon arrival.



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Travel Dates in 2019

Every day in the period

25.05.2019 - 10.09.2019


Tour Price

The price is valid for bookings until 01.01.2019

4 750 NOK per person

The Price Includes:

Accommodation/ Hotel, Dbl room


Full board


Boat trip -Longyearbyen-Barentsburg - Longyearbyen


Guided tour in Barentsburg

The Price Does Not Include:

Optional activities

Accomodation in the single room


Alcohol drinks and dishes beyond complex menu


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