You can see, hear, discuss, and even taste the traditions of Barentsburg. But you can also touch them with your hands! In our Handicraft center, you will make a story of the town by yourself. 

You will be warmly welcomed by our fairies who will tell you about the history of the Center, will show their work processes, and share the basics of their handicraft during a workshop. There is also a souvenir shop with items that fit every taste. 

We are specifically proud of the unique hoodies with a polar bear on it! Within each new season, we upgrade the color-range, play around with color combos, and improve the models. The hoodies have become popular as in Barenstburg and Longyearbyen as well as worldwide.

If you happen to be in Barenstburg, that is a must-have as a souvenir. 

Handicraft Center, Toy
Handicraft Center, jumpsuit
Handicraft Center, hoodies
Handicraft Center, Hoodies
Handicraft Center, hoodies
Handicraft Center, hoodies
Handicraft Center, hoodies
Handicraft Center, souvenirs
Handicraft Center, souvenirs
Handicraft Center, hoodies crew


Touch the history by your hands! 


A unique workshop in our Handicraft center dedicated to the 800-year-old tradition of Russian trappers. 

150 NOK/pax


Wax painting is a perfect way to draw Northern lights and multi-colored landscapes of Svalbard.

150 NOK/pax


Secrets of traditional pomor painting made on a ceramic plate. 

150 NOK/pax


Learn the historical writing of pomors, Russian trappers from the North. 

150 NOK/pax


Create your own design and paint traditional Russian doll - Matryoshka. 

150 NOK/pax


Slav talisman doll that men took to go for a long journey away from home. 



History of Handicraft Center

Since 1992 there had been a Norwegian-Russian project of a clothes factory in Barentsburg. When the factory was at its height, there were 30 workers making adults and kids’ clothing for such Norwegian brands as ODA, Fabe and KIDS. Besides, they worked on a uniform for the Norwegian national Olympic team of XVII winter Olympic games held in Lillehammer.

In early 2000s due to the contrarious economic situation, the factory became irrelevant and the production started minimizing so that they begun focusing on clothing for the groove workers.

Once tourism started growing, the Center concept was modified and then moved to the totally renovated building where before there had been a typography of the local newspaper “Poliarnaya Kotchegarka” (rus. “polar boil room”).

Handicraft Center, hoodies