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Little Russia in Barentsburg, 2 days


Wanna see the incredible? 

Spend a weekend in Barentsburg! One of the most fascinating places in the world. 
The scene of the town is based on tradition and invention. 


This is a place where you will see how the stories have been created then and now. Images of Amundsen and Peary’s pole exploration on dog sleds will take on life right in front of your eyes in our husky kennel. Here, right next to the North Pole you can taste delightful food and a locally made beer on the glacier lake water and English malt brewed here in Barentsburg. 

This is the only place in the world where you can get into the operating coal mine with a guided tour. 

This is the place where the miracle can be real. Even though cats are not allowed on Svalbard, there is one with red fur living in Barentsburg under a code name of «polar fox». 

The incredible is closer than you think! Come and get it.

On Svalbard, weather conditions are changing quickly so that is why for the safety and comfort of our guests, the tour program might be changed regarding the itineraries and destinations. 

​Program duration: 2 days / 1 night

Day 1. Saturday. Longyearbyen - Barentsburg

- 08:30 (approx.) - Transfer from the place of your accommodation in Longyearbyen to a harbor. 


- Boat-cruise trip through the Greenland sea to Barentsburg (duration is approximately 3,5-4 hours) with a stop-over near the Esmark glacier (Esmarkbreen) with a 20-meter-high wall. There will probably be a chance to see whales or seals. 


- Grill-lunch is served onboard while the stop-over near the glacier.

​- 14:00 Arrival in Barentsburg and check-in in the hotel "Barentsburg".


- Guided tour around the settlement.

Barentsburg is the Russian «capital» of Svalbard. It is a town of Arctic stories written by Dutch explorers, pomors, Norwegian trappers, American and German merchants, adventurers, Soviet builders of communism and Russian miners. Barentsburg was founded in 1921 by the Dutch as a coal-mining settlement. Since 1931 it has been under the State Trust «Arcticugol» administration. The population is approximately 500 people.

- Optionally (at extra cost) you can visit our Husky-kennel and even try yourself as a real musher and go for the dog sledding on wheels along the shore of Grønfjorden to see ones of the most breathtaking views around. (5-7 km, at extra cost).

Our kennel in Barentsburg is unique because we have all the Arctic sled dog breeds. 80 dog booths on the Grønfjorden shore against the background of the magnificent Esmark glacier (Esmarkbreen). You will see sled dogs' rigid faces that right after the first sniffing turn to cheerful ones with bright little stars in their tender eyes. The kennel is a place where images of the pole exploring by Amundsen and Peary take on life right in front of your eyes. Both poles were explored by people with the help of sled dogs. Looking at these animals you can feel a sort of primaeval strength, goal-oriented power and natural authenticity.

- 18:00-19:00 A-la-carte dinner in one of the restaurants in Barentsburg (of your choice and at extra cost):

- Brewery, restaurant and bar Red Bear

You can take a dinner in the bar, restaurant and brewery Red Bear with the tasting of a locally made beer brewed on the glacier lake water and the English malt. The northern cuisine specialities are served.

- Restaurant Rijpsburg and Icebreaker Bar Krasin

Renovated in 2020, restaurant Rijpsburg kitchen makes accent on fish and Northern cuisine. Icebreaker Bar Krasin is designed after the historically significant icebreakers Krasin and Lenin.

- It's never dark on Svalbard in summer, so optionally, after the dinner, it's possible to take a short walking tour around Barentsburg to get some fresh air and feel of the midnight sun before going asleep.

- Overnight in the hotel "Barentsburg".


Day 2. Sunday. Barentsburg - Longyearbyen

- Breakfast at the restaurant.

This day there is an option to visit the mine of Barentsburg (at extra cost).


It is the only operating coal mine in the world where you can get into with a tour. You can see a war between man and nature, mechanisms of getting into the ground depth and of mine reinforcement and collapse protection. You can learn how the coal is being produced and transported onto the surface. You can hear sounds of the underground mine core and feel a breath of the wind going up to the surface from the half-kilometer depth.

After mining tour you can choose one of our add-on activities (at extra cost): 


- to take a short trip by kayaks in Grønfjorden; 

Join us on a real adventure! – go for the kayaking trip inGrønfjorden. This will give you a chance to dip into the incredible ecosystem and to see it from an absolutely different angle. Experienced guides will get you ready with the safety and technic rules. For the safety and comfort in the water, we use special dry suits for the sea kayaking of the Canadian brand Level Six as well as all the necessary equipment.

go for a unique workshop in our Handicraft center dedicated to the 800-year-old tradition of pomors where you'll feel the historic touch of Russian hunters from the North.


- A-la-carte lunch in one of the restaurants in Barentsburg (at extra cost).

- Before the departure, you can visit a souvenir shop and post office of Barentsburg. 


- 16:00 (approx.) Boat-cruise trip from Barentsburg to Longyearbyen. Duration is approximately 2-4 hours.*


*Depending on the weather conditions or schedule of regular boat trips, there will be a boat trip to Longyearbyen by a daily cruise-boat, cabin cruiser Barentsburg or open RIB boat Polarcirkel. 

PolarCirkel is an 8-meter-long boat of high endurance and created by Norwegian shipbuilders specifically for marine passages in the Arctic. The boats are equipped with a large power engine Yamaha (200 HP), echo sounders, emergency beacons and marine radio communication. Therefore, we provide special Arctic rescue suits by Norwegian brand Hansen. It will keep you warm, protect from the wind and give a boost of confidence during the boat trips.

Approx time of arrival in Longyearbyen is at around 20:00.

- Transfer to the place of your accommodation in Longyearbyen

Travel Dates in 2020

11.07 - 12.07
18.07 - 19.07
25.07 - 26.07

01.08 - 02.08

08.08 - 09.08

15.08 - 16.08

22.08 - 23.08

29.08 - 30.08

05.09 - 06.09

12.09 - 13.09

If you cannot find a day that suits you, kindly send a request to:

​Tour Price
... NOK/ pers

Extra charge for SINGLE accommodation
... NOK/ pers

The Price Includes:

English-speaking guide



- bus transfers from/to the place of your accommodation in Longyearbyen on Day 1 and Day 2

- boat trips from Longyearbyen to/from Barentsburg 




- 1 night in the hotel Barentsburg

(TWIN/DBL accommodation)




- breakfast

- Grill-lunch on Day 1


- guided tour around Barentsburg​


Insurance covering search and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency

The Price Does Not Include:


Flight to/from Longyearbyen


- Dinner on Day 1

- Lunch on Day 2

Optional short trips and offers:

- visit to the husky kennel in Barentsburg

... NOK/ per person


- dog sledding on wheels

... NOK/per person

- kayaking trip in Grønfjorden​

... NOK/ per person

- tour to the mine

... NOK/per person

- traditional Russian workshop in the handicraft center

... NOK/per person

- visit to the Museum exhibition complex ArtArctic Gallery

... NOK/per person

- other additional activities



- Alcohol drinks and dishes/drinks beyond the menu

Individual travel insurance policy



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