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Back to USSR, 2 days

Have you ever been to the USSR? Welcome to our Arctic time machine and experience real Soviet atmosphere far in the north – in the ghost town Pyramiden.


The ambiance of this ghost settlement makes an unusual and strong impression on any experienced traveler. This community was founded by Sweden in the beginning of the 20th century and sold to the Soviet Union in 1927. The living conditions were perfect in the 80-es.  It was an Arctic Paradise for those who lived and worked there. The town was without doubt a showcase demonstrating to the West the excellence and strength of Communism. After the fall of USSR Pyramiden was closed and has since then remained abandoned with all its infrastructure in place, "conserved’’. All the buildings are in a good state and the settlement seems inhabited, but the silence reigns over Pyramiden, there is no living soul around… but the polar bears.




































Day 1.  Glaciers and valleys: Longyearbyen - Adventelva - Eskerdalen - Sassendalen - Tempelfjorden - Burn Murdochbreen - Boltonbreen - Adolfbukta - Pyramiden


Short briefing at 09:00 at the Expedition Center Grumant. We are equipped and ready on to discover Svalbard’s spectacular Arctic wilderness. We will drive over glaciers, through valleys and cross white plains of Adventdalen and Sassendalen. Coming to  Fjordnibba where opens a splendid view to both Tempelfjord, Sassenfjord and Tunabreen. Stop for a while to admire the beauty and breathe out. Then passing the Van Post and Tuna glacier as if blue-green backdrops. Soon across valley and canyons, we come closer to the Nordenskiøld glacier – most stunning and available among the largest glaciers. Driving along Adolf Bay in half an hour we are warmly welcomed at Tulpan Hotel in Pyramiden.


At approx. 5 pm there will be a check-in procedure at the hotel and then a 3-course lunch at the restaurant. At 6 pm we have a guided tour around the ghost settlement for 1.5 hr. At 6 pm we have a guided tour around the ghost settlement for 1.5 hr. We have a possibility to come in and have a look inside school, canteen and swimming pool and feel that special atmosphere of history and might Soviet Union some 30 years ago…. It seems that Time machine exists after all!


Later, a delicious 3 –course dinner is served at the hotel restaurant.


Snowmobiling 115 km, 6 – 7 hrs


Day 2.  Frozen waterfall and Svalbard animals: Pyramiden - Adolfbukta - Nordenskiöldbreen - Filchnerfonna - Sassendalen - Eskerdalen - Longyearbyen 


After breakfast we continue to get familiar to Pyramiden picturesque surroundings and watch the abundant wildlife. Today chances are great to meet a polar bear!! First, we are snowmobiling to a beautiful Adolf Bay facing the mighty Nordenskiøldbreen.  Quite soon we are coming across a  magnificent  Ebbadalen waterfall,  completely frozen and giving thus an impression as if we are in the fairy-tale.


Lunch at appr.13pm at Pyramiden restaurant.  Midday we leave this ghost but so lovely place. On the way back we come across  Petunia Bay. One more short stop to making pictures of marine mammals besides Nordenskiøld glacier. Then we continue itinerary towards boundless Lomonosovfonna and on to Longyearbyen.


Arrive at  Longyearbyen approx. 19:00.


Snowmobiling 140 km, 5 – 6 hrs


Total length:  approx. 250 km


Capacity: min 2 snowscooters, max 8 snowscooters (16 people)



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Tour Price

Driver/ snowscooter

6 490 NOK


Passenger/ snowscooter


2 800 NOK

Extra charge for accommodation in SINGLE room in Pyramiden:

800 NOK/person


The Price Includes:

Accommodation in twin/dbl room


Full board


Activities according to the itinerary


Snowmobile rental (Ski-doo Expedition 600, Lynx Commander 600), fuel


Rental of winter overalls, boots, gloves and a helmet


English-speaking guide


Insurance covering research and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency


The Price Does Not Include:

Flight to/from Longyearbyen

Accomodation in the single room


Alcohol drinks and dishes/drinks beyond the menu


Tips to the guide


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