Guided tour
round Barentsburg

Join us to the exciting and informative guided tour round a small Russian mining community. With our local enthusiastic guide you can get familiar to Barentsburg rich and dramatic history from the Netherlands company NESPICO in 1920th until today’s community combined of Russian and Ukrainian people. The tour is arranged in English/ Norwegian.



Short tour - 40 min

< 4 pers     80 NOK/ pers

1-4 pers    400 NOK/ group

Extended tour - 1.5 hrs

< 4 pers    110 NOK/ pers

1-4 pers    500 NOK/ group



Guided tour
Visit to the Mine

Are you willing to experience everyday life of miners? This is a tour to the mine which is still in operation. You will change into miners’ clothes, put on a helmet and sign yourself in, just like the miners do every day when starting their shift. While on the tour, you can hear and watch real miners on the way to or already from the shift. As you approach the entrance of the mine (ending point of the tour), light from the outside fades away and you can vividly imagine what it is like to spend the whole day in the pitch-black mine.The tour is arranged in English.



Duration:  approx. 2 hrs


> 3 pers   450 NOK/ pers

1-3 pers  1 800 NOK/ group


Husky farm and dog-sledding

Guided visit to the husky farm with all breeds of sledge dogs used in the Russian Arctic. Have a great time socialising with our lovely dogs and puppies!! They love to have visitors and the sound of their greeting may last for a while.


 You can also have a ride in komatik, an Eskimo sledge with wooden runners and crossbars.


 Visit to the husky farm

  ≥ 4       80 NOK per person

  1-3        300 NOK per group

  Dog sledging

  Approx 3 hrs

  690 NOK per person

Classes in Russian handicrafts

To go deeper into the Russian culture you can use a splendid opportunity to visit some handicraft classes in the local Handicraft Centre and learn different patterns to paint matryoshka (Russian traditional doll), or methods to make funny toys out of felting wool and other materials, or soap-boiling, so popular in old days Russia, or even tasty skill to make real Russian pelmeni!!!! All the classes will be interesting both to grown-ups and children.



Duration: approx. 2 hrs.

> 3 pers  150 NOK/ pers/ class

1-3 pers  600 NOK/ group/ class

Day trip tours

Enjoy the wild and grandiose nature around! Walruses, reindeers and Arctic foxes are our kind friends. So don’t forget to take camera with you!


Do you have just few days to spend in Barentsburg and willing to get familiar to Barentsburg surroundings? Join our short day activities. Whether you are a good walker or rather prefer boat safari or have planned to try snowshoes, we have something for everyone.

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