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2-days summer trip to Pyramiden


To all the explorers and dreamers! Change your usual scenery, refresh your imagination. 
To those who wish to discover the most extraordinary places in the world, you’ve never experienced anything alike. 


Just within 2 days, you will visit a place of northernmost - Pyramiden. 


With the panorama filled with massive Nordenskiold glacier, moraine, mountain tops, the whole Arctic dream is mirrored in Pyramiden. 

It was one of the most populated settlements on Svalbard in the late XX century, and now you can easily get a feeling of the Soviet-style as the atmosphere and exteriors of the settlement have been accurately preserved. 


2 days and you will have an amazing boat trip across the fjords with the great scenic beauty around and stay in the most unique place on the archipelago, which is a real historical «document» and an incredible piece of nature. 

On Svalbard, weather conditions are changing quickly so that is why for the safety and comfort of our guests, the tour program might be changed regarding the itineraries and destinations.

Program duration: 2 days / 1 night

Day 1. Saturday.

Longyearbyen – Pyramiden. 

- 08:30 (approx.) - Transfer from the place of your accommodation in Longyearbyen to a harbor.

- Boat trip to Pyramiden*

*Depending on the weather conditions or schedule of regular boat trips, there will be a boat trip to Pyramiden by a daily cruise-boat, cabin cruiser Barentsburg or open RIB boat Polarcirkel. 

PolarCirkel is an 8-meter-long boat of high endurance and created by Norwegian shipbuilders specifically for marine passages in the Arctic. The boats are equipped with a large power engine Yamaha (200 HP), echo sounders, emergency beacons and marine radio communication. Therefore, we provide special Arctic rescue suits by Norwegian brand Hansen. It will keep you warm, protect from the wind and give a boost of confidence during the boat trips.


- Arrival in Pyramiden.

- Guided tour around the settlement.

Pyramiden is a settlement situated at the bottom of the mountain and was named after it. It was founded in 1911. It's a town located in between mountains, the huge glacier and moraine. In 1946 coal deposits started being opened up and in the 1970s-1980s a perfect socialism model system was built. In 1998 Pyramiden was frozen (preserved) but its infrastructure arranged in the Soviet period has come down to us. Anyone who has spent in Pyramiden at least a couple of hours makes a point in this place's uniqueness. Today the town is open and it grows as a tourist location. A boiler house, hotel, restaurant and film stock cinema have been renovated. Pyramiden attracts not only tourists but also film directors, journalists, free riders and bloggers from all over the world.

- Check-in in the hotel "Pyramiden". 

- A-la-carte lunch in the hotel restaurant (at extra cost).

- Movie show in the film stock cinema (optionally, at extra cost).

A blacken-out cinema hall and sounds of an old cine-projector dig the audience into the atmosphere of the past century. As of now, there have been two film stock projectors renovated and the number of cine films has reached around 2000 items. Although it had seemed impossible a couple of years ago, in autumn, 2018 the first movie show was arranged.


- 18:00-19:00 A-la-carte dinner in the hotel restaurant (at extra cost).

- Overnight in the hotel "Pyramiden".

Day 2. Sunday.

Pyramiden – Longyearbyen.

- Breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

- Optionally (at extra cost) you can join one of the tours in Pyramiden surroundings (at extra cost): Bike trip to Blue lake, Sightseeing tour to the water station near Goose lakes or Hiking tour to Petunia bukta. That would be a fine option to get out of the settlement as well as to see breathtaking landscapes and diversified reliefs.

- A-la-carte lunch in the hotel restaurant (at extra cost).

- You will have time to visit the souvenir shop with one of the northernmost Norwegian post offices where you can send a postcard to your nearest and dearest from the 78’40 Northern latitude.

- Return to Longyearbyen. Depending on the weather conditions, there will be a boat trip to Longyearbyen by a daily cruise-boat or open RIB boat Polarcirkel.*


*Depending on the weather conditions or schedule of regular boat trips, there will be a boat trip to Longyearbyen by a daily cruise-boat, cabin cruiser Barentsburg or open RIB boat Polarcirkel. ​

- Arrival in Longyearbyen

Approx time of arrival in Longyearbyen is at around 20:00.

- Transfer to the place of your accommodation in Longyearbyen

Travel Dates in 2020

11.07 - 12.07
18.07 - 19.07
25.07 - 26.07

01.08 - 02.08

08.08 - 09.08

15.08 - 16.08

22.08 - 23.08

29.08 - 30.08

05.09 - 06.09

12.09 - 13.09


If you cannot find a day that suits you, kindly send a request to:

​Tour Price
... NOK/ pers

extra charge for single accommodation
... NOK/person

The Price Includes:

English-speaking guide



- bus transfers from/to the place of your accommodation in Longyearbyen on Day 1 and Day 2

- boat trips from Longyearbyen to/from Pyramiden




- 1 night in the hotel Pyramiden




- breakfast


​- guided tour around Pyramiden

Insurance covering search and rescue, evacuation costs in case of emergency

The Price Does Not Include:

Flight to/from Longyearbyen


- lanches and dinners a-la-carte

- alcohol drinks and dishes/drinks beyond the menu

Optional short trips and offers:

- movie show in the film stock cinema

... NOK/per person

- hiking tour to Petunia bukta

... NOK/per person, 3-5 hours

-bike trip to Blue lake

... NOK/per person, 2 hours

- sightseeing tour or bike trip to the water station near Goose lakes

... NOK/per person

- other additional activities 

Individual travel insurance policy



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